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Calling all Coaches, Healers and Badass Spiritual Entrepreneurs!!



You can feel it deep within, that calling to take up more space and become more visible in your business. The wild that runs through your veins like electricity driving you to have more impact and spread your ancient message with confidence and conviction.

The Akasha is a remarkable pure energetic source of love, wisdom and healing that is considered one of the planets deepest healing tools. It guides us to release the stagnant energy and blocks that may be holding you back from living your most divine calling. Our individual and unique Akashic record holds the blueprint for our true divine nature as well as memories of all the choice points that the soul has made along it's soul path. 

But did you know that the Akasha also holds energetic space for our unique businesses? As we follow our intuition, and manifest our highest calling, we can access this unique blueprint for guidance along our entrepreneurial journey. 

Working with Akashic Records and within the energy of the Akasha often activates a new journey of self awareness, empowerment, and awakening as we learn to navigate our lives and our businesses from a deeper soul level perspective. The wisdom, intelligence and healing of this pure source of energy lifts old energetic stagnation giving us the opportunity move through limiting beliefs and experience an upgrade of energy in our reality that allows us to come back into alignment and greater expression of our true divine nature, and unique authentic expression. 

Akashic Business Visioning 

Energetically Align with Your Business and Manifest your Highest Potential

Day 1

Creating and Aligning to your Vision as a Divine and Badass Spiritual Entrepreneur

Visioning Success on your own terms.

Stepping Boldly into the vision that you have for your life and business.

Day 2

Connecting with your Ride or Die Soulmate Clients?

Calling them in with your unique business Blueprint. 

Allowing your guides and helpers to show your souls path to success 

Becoming the Inspirer to lead the way

Day 3 

Creating your Signature Soul Led Offer

Packaging up your Brilliance as a gift to the World

What is the Divine Message you are here to Deliver

Becoming the leader and creating the path for others to Follow 

Shannon Kelly is an advanced Akashic records practitioner, a Rebel Entrepreneur and Exit Strategist for Creatives, Visionaries and Spiritual Entrepreneurs ready to get off the hustle rollercoaster and build a 6 figure business using simple and soulful strategies. 

​With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey to truth and authenticity, turning their passions into sustainable business models that cultivate Joy, Freedom and Time.


If you've been feeling disconnected, stagnant, or just uninspired in your business, then its time for a boost! The Akashic records have been monumental not only in my personal healing journey but in my entrepreneurial journey as well. 

In a world so full of noise and chaos, its vital that we stay connected to our own inner knowing, our strength as women and our raw authenticity. 

The Akashic Business Visioning session is a gentle lift in energetic vibration, rooting you in your divine calling and the vision that you have for yourself as a sacred and soulful entrepreneur.


Connect and Align your soul path with your unique business blueprint for an energetic upgrade. Feel inspired with a crystal clear vision of the path ahead. 

This is for you....


  • If you feel FIRE in your belly, and PASSION in your heart every time you think about growing your business…


  • You’ve been feeling stuck lately and desire to feel seen and heard, to know you are on the right path


  • You’re ready to feel truly supported and alive in your soul's work.

  • You’re ready to catapult your business to an entirely new level.

  • You are ready to grow, but want to know if you are on the right track and moving in the right direction

  • You've been Humming and Hawing your next move, but unsure how to move forward with ease and grace

  • You are ready to level up and take up more space, but fear has you standing still 

How does it Work?

  • Each Day we will gather in sacred space and open up to the Akasha through a  guided activation journey meditation.

  • We will call in your guides, masters, teachers and the goddesses to present with us and guide us on our journey 

  • We will connect to your higher self and begin the vision process. 

  • We will discuss what is showing up and what the akasha is showing through your present and past story.

  • We will work on removing blocks and patterns that are not serving you and the divine women you are being called to be. 

  • Then we will work collaboratively in a divine state of co-creation connecting you with a new and powerful vision moving forward. 

  • I will share with you some magic and tools of ritual to guide you as you continue your journey forward. 

  • We will give thanks for the medicine and guidance received and we will close out our time together in celebration. 

Those who venture within, never come back empty handed!
See you Soon

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