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The 6 Figure 5 Day Bootcamp
with Shannon Kelly Rebel Entrepreneur
March 7th - 11th 2022
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Hey there Rebel!

Turn your passion into a Full-Time Rockin' business that fills up your soul & your bank account working only 2 hrs (or less) daily

Are you ready to ditch your 9-to-5 and launch a 6-figure business that will allow you to monetize your passions & gifts?


Come join me for a FREE 5-day Bootcamp: Build Your Business After Dark where I share my simple strategy that made me 6-Figures without hustling that you can implement and run in the time it takes to binge-watch (Insert your favorite flick Here)!


What Will We Cover?

I’ll show you...


Day 1:

Sacred Sales (The Mindset of Sales)


Align and connect with your ride or die, soulmate clients. Sell with boldness without feeling sleazy! Learn how having a sales mindset will help you make sales on repeat.


Day 2:

Stop Procrastinating & Just Do it!!!

Master small, daily transformation habits that will help you overcome procrastination and multiply your time. Learn to use your time to your advantage and give up the overwhelm, comparison, and people-pleasing. So, you can show up with the fullest expression of who you truly are!

Day 3:

Messaging & Sharing Your Sacred Story.


Master your message so you can attract the RIGHT clients consistently and avoid those who aren't a good fit. Your story is sacred and your mess is your message. Speak and share your story with confidence to call in your community!

Day 4:

How to Optimize Your Social Media for Organic Lead Generation


You don't need a massive audience to increase sales and build connections. I show you the exact method I use to attract clients I love working with -- without paying for ads.

Day 5:

The Keep it Simple 6-Figure Strategy (The Rebel Way!)

Leave the Launch train at the station and give your clients transformation instead of information. One high ticket offer keeps it simple and reeps just as many benefits for you and your clients without spending hours writing landing pages and marketing to the masses 


What You Get...

5 Days That will ultimately change and simplify the way you do business!


✔️ Access to a Private Facebook Group, a container of love and encouragement where you can ask questions and receive guidance. There is Magic that happens among a group of women who journey together and encourage each other.


✔️ A daily challenge to inspire and guide you to build confidence, visibility, and mindset mastery.


✔️ A Week-Long Replay Window just in case you can't make it Live (but of course, you will get so much more if you show up and I would Love to see your beautiful Face).


✔️ A Chance to Win a 60-Minute Strategy Session where together we will plot out a plan for your unique business (value $297.00).




The Magic of Money - A 4-Week Money Mastery Program


Become Magnetic to the Moula! (value $497.00)


What have you got to Lose

besides... Stress, Anxiety, &



Come join me and give yourself the gift of time and freedom!

The 5-day Bootcamp

Build Your Business After Dark is for you if:


✔️ You’re a free spirit.

✔️ You think outside the box.

✔️ You're just starting in business.

✔️ You're not sure where to begin.

✔️ You’re not sure how to find clients.

✔️ You feel like you need more time.

✔️ You're not afraid to break the rules.

✔️ You want to monetize your passions & gifts.

✔️ You're tired of the hustling and feel like giving up.

  Shannon Kelly is nothing short of magic. Working with her has gotten me off my butt and doing what I was put here to do. My business is doing well and I am reaching and helping more women than ever. In my time spent with her I have not only gained more confidence in how I run my business, but WHY I chose this business in the first place. My clientele has tripled and I am now coaching full time.

-Amanda Aussant  Tattoos-and-Tarots      

  I am living more in line with the life I want to live.  I’ve talked about owning my own business and living out my dreams on the land for years.  Shannon gave me the push I needed to make it happen.  If you need support to create the life you want, Shannon is a great cheerleader and guide to make that happen.  

-Keri Sapsford

  I really wanted to grow my business but wasn’t sure what steps to take. There’s so much info available and it’s so overwhelming. Shannon made it easy by guiding me at my own pace and doing exactly what I needed for how I wanted my business to look and when I was resisting she would give me a gentle little kick. The support and encouragement is just what I needed in easy steps that I can follow. I launched an online program, got my website almost complete, and finally have an email list as well as so many other things that I’ve been trying to do for a long time. Shannon is a great cheerleader and an awesome coach. She does it all from a place of love. I can’t recommend her enough. Definitely one of my best business decisions was choosing to work with her.

-Carmen Dore


HEY there Rebel!


When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I honestly had no clue what I was doing!!! I was all over cyberspace studying and researching what others were doing. Trying to implement all of the strategies and serve the masses. It was overwhelming and exhausting.

​You have to have a website / You don't have to have a website.


You have to be a social media queen and post 3 times a day.


You need a massive mailing list / Mailing lists are outdated.


Branding vs. No branding,


Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Analytics. This Platform vs. that platform and what the F$%K is a Funnel anyway...

​Up and Down riding the waves of not good enough's and I can't do this. The Hamster wheel of go, go, go and do, do, do...


If you want to be successful you have to hustle!!!! All of these thought processes were draining me and I got lost. I was so busy trying to run my business that my business was running me and I lost connection with why I had started in the first place.

After many years of riding the entrepreneurial trial and error roller coaster, I have a new approach.

Keep it Simple and Soulful!


I call it the "REBEL WAY" Simple strategies implemented daily to build a 6-figure business that take only 2 hours or less.


Turn your passion into a Full-Time Rockin' business that fills up your soul and your bank account.

Don't Do it the Hard Way!

Do it the REBEL WAY!


Shannon Kelly