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 Change Your  Story 

 ChangeYour Life 

Are you tired of living in the same old stories of survival and lack?

What is it that is holding you back from truly knowing, trusting and loving yourself, manifesting your highest potential, and creating a new powerful story of truth and divine abundance.

If you are ready to be free from a narrative of scarcity and disempowerment and become the author of a truer story of aliveness and authenticity.

If you've been aching for the motivation and support to finally say Yes to You consistently, and do the real work of knowing, accepting and changing yourself from within...

We control our narrative through the language we use and the inner dialogue we have with ourselves. Over time, the words we use turn into “our stories” and these stories end up defining us either negatively or positively. 


Our stories are the fuel that either propels us forward towards our goals or keep us trapped in a cycle of destructive behaviors.


We have the power within us to change the narrative we have with ourselves


We are all powerful creators of our own story

So where do we begin...


The Art of Becoming is deeply rooted in the Art of Unbecoming. You are a Warrior with an ever evolving story that finds coherence with the past, present and future, we must be willing to break open and see ourselves in our rawest form. We must breakthrough our resistance barriers, face our deepest fears and lay our limiting beliefs to rest.


We must Undo, Unravel, Unlearn and Unbecome

I invite you to join me on a 90 day adventure to find and embrace a new and powerful YOU!!!


  • Embrace your inner Badass and live life completely and unapologetically full of Joy and Passion. 

  • Reconnect with your own sacredness, your power and the vision of how you would like your life to unfold.

  • Shift from feeling guilt and shame to gaining a deep and sacred bond with your divine self and the world around you

  • Let go of being a people pleaser, Learn to voice your needs and create healthy boundaries

  • Release yourself from old stories and belief systems that keep you feeling stuck and unworthy

  • Create Your Own Story rooted in passion and divine inspiration

This is a guided adventure into the unknown tangles of your heart, the unchartered territory of your soul that will inspire, empower and support you as you take back your power and emerge whole and unwavering in your truth. 

This 12 week program is specifically designed to guide you on a transformational journey. Write, Heal and Embrace more fully the life you were born to live. Find new confidence in sharing and being seen. Prompts, inspiration and creative tools,  inviting you to reclaim your radiance and step fully into a new and confident you. Find your howl, make peace with your past. Release your old patterns and find freedom in your voice. Change your story and change your life! 

Hey Gorgeous one!

How are you feeling in your skin?

Are you Loving yourself Today?

I spent many years of my life stuck in self destructive patterns and stories, day after day living in survival mode. After a failed marriage and many failed relationships raising two kids on my own, I felt depleted, unworthy and riding the emotional roller coaster waiting for the bottom to finally fall out from beneath me, and eventually it did!

Fast forward, five years…….after reaching the bottom in many ways, I have been tirelessly working on myself, undoing layers upon layers of emotional addiction, letting go of my attachment to my struggle, and shifting a lifetime of self-destructive patterns that have kept me stuck in my old stories of survival, and away from what I've desired most. 

I've been deliberately and religiously creating and manifesting a new story. A story of truth, joy, passion and abundance. 


If you've been stuck in your old patterns of survival, attached to a negative perception of yourself, convinced that you have to struggle and suffer to get what you want... or if you keep manifesting an undesired reality over and over, and you want to undo this pattern... than Goddess I See YOU! I have been where you are and it's time to get off that roller coaster. 

Evolution and freedom from your struggle is an inside job. You cannot find it by continuing to stay in the loop of your old stories. We become so comfortable with our own suffering that we believe we deserve, that we must make a conscious effort to break free from these patterns and unbecome the person who we believe we are. We must unbecome and reschool ourselves in the art of Love, Joy, and Truth. 

Change Your Story Change Your Life is the journey I have been on to finally find peace and freedom in my Life. It follows the exact steps that I have taken to reclaim my joy, manifest my dreams, and truly live an inspired truth. 


My wish is for every woman to feel empowered by their own truth. To claim the abundance they desire, and to live unapologetically inspired by their highest calling. So If you are ready to step into a new story of abundance, healing and empowerment, come join me for an adventure that will change your life. 


Beautiful friend, I have been trying to find a way to personally express how grateful I am to you for this inspiring course I’ve just completed with your guidance. Thank you for your care and compassion, your warrior spirit for women, your commitment and energy but mostly for your courage to be honest, real and vulnerable. Somehow, that vulnerability connected with me and allowed or gave me permission to dive into my own intimate journey of self-discovery, honesty, exposure and survival. You introduced this crazy idea of possibility, digging deep, authenticity. I look forward to our next journey as my story continues. 

Thank you for sharing your beautiful inspiring light Shannon,

Hugs Always 

Anna Marie

When we deny the story, it defines us. 

When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.

-Brene Brown

This Program is for you if:

  • You desire to leave the rules of conformity behind and embrace a new sense of unapologetic self

  • You desire to take a walk on the wild side and out of your comfort zone. 

  • You are ready to face your fears and break through resistance

  • You are deeply ready for positive change

  • You desire to be truly inspired by your own authenticity

  • You long to make peace with your past and heal your old stories 

  • You long to see the magic that exists in the everyday and capture it. 

  • You desire to take a journey and visit your soul and reconnect with yourself

  • You want to live an inspired life.

  • You seek life-changing experiences and uplifting connections that can provide you with the depth and substance you crave.

It was great to work with Shannon.  It was a journey of awakening and revealing of who I was, who I wanted to become and what I needed to do to get there. Our discussions were also very revealing to where I was holding myself back or getting in my own way. She could be the push I needed to move forward with something I was hesitating on or avoiding, while still holding space for that scared little girl inside that was afraid to take any step forward. She was a positive bundle of energy and it's her voice that reminds me not to get in my own way, to be brave, to take the steps, to move forward and take chances. I have now taken steps to help my side hustle grow, take care of myself, and stick to my own boundaries. I would recommend working with Shannon for any Bad Ass Goddess out there or those who are looking to feel more like a Bad Ass Goddess!


Saskatchewan, Canada

Change Your Story Change Your Life

The Undoing

How did we get here to this space of not enoughness, and emotional chaos?
The first step of transformation is to recognize and unbecome who we think we are in order to free up space within us for our truest and most authentic selves to emerge and thrive!

Month 1: Let the Journey Begin

  • Giving yourself the gift of time and space to learn, grow, and evolve 

  • Tapping into your heart and soul to discover what it is that you truly desire to manifest in your life.

  • Gratitude breeds Abundance and being consistent matters 

  • Give yourself permission to take up space and rise like a phoenix

  • Stop giving yourself the leftovers and learn to make yourself a priority

Month 2: Back to the Beginning 

  • The River that is your life, Navigating the past

  • Learning to Forgive and move forward

  • Embracing and nurturing the Inner Child that lives within

  • Finding your Wild through the eyes of Innocence

  • Healing the past and setting your Inner child free 

Month 3: The Art of Letting Go

  • Recognizing the triggers that keep you stuck on your emotional roller coaster

  • Detox your closet, Detox your life

  • Let go and make peace with your past, 

  • Learn to move forward with ease and grace

  • Stop looking in the rear view, your not going that way

Month 4: The Moon Made me Do it

  • Understanding Feminine cycles and reclaiming your essence

  • Moving through the layers of the healing process

  • Becoming one with your true nature

  • The Moon made me do it, reclaiming your energy and flow

  • From Maiden to Crowned one, celebrating the Feminine wisdom at all stages

Month 5: Healing the Patriarchy

  • What does your Grandmother want you to know?

  • Healing our lineage to embrace a new feminine paradigm

  • The Energetic womb and the wisdom it carries

  • Tapping into the Sacral chakra as a power source 

  • The Gift of the Mother that resides within all of us

Month 6: The Crossroads 

  • Past VS present and how not to get trapped in time

  • It's time to choose, taking responsibility for where you are and where you are going

  • Stop Self Sabotaging yourself and move forward with ease and grace

  • Self Love: What it is and how to continually fill your cup in a nurtured and balanced way

The Becoming

Stepping into the Vision of your Truth and Authenticity, Reinventing yourself 
The Creation of a Wild and Fierce Feminine


Month 7: Trusting the Journey

  • Tapping into your intuition, Nurturing your instincts

  • The universe has your back, the difference between faith and trust

  • You have the knowing, the answers reside within, you just have to listen

  • Let your Vision guide your journey

  • Each of us is on our own journey, staying emotionally detached from the journey of others

Month 8: Becoming Authentically Light and Free

  • Letting Go of Guilt, and Shame, and the fear of Judgement

  • Forgiving yourself the mistakes you have made

  • Own your Shit and Take responsibility for the parts you have played 

  • Boundaries are the path to peace and a self love necessity

  • Stop over-giving and people pleasing

Month 9: Let Your Body Speak

  • The quieter you become, the more you can hear

  • Listening to the wisdom of your Body

  • The Chakras and Your Chi Energy

  • The Heart is a Wild and Wonderous place

  • Love is the answer always 

  • Health is your Wealth

Month 10: Bring on the Abundance

  • The Energy of Money and tapping into your Manifestation Genius

  • Healing Old money stories to embrace wealth and abundance

  • Cultivating a Millionaire Mindset

  • You are a Goddess and you deserve to be wealthy and abundant

  • Its time to let go of lack and scarcity for good

Month 11: Unleash Your Inner Warrior

  • Your wild is calling how will you respond

  • You are magical and unique, You are a warrior

  • Embrace your courage, pick up your sword (Pen)

  • Be seen and Heard and shine your light.

Month 12: Shine Your Light and Grow your Confidence 

  • Blazing trails /moving forward

  • Sharing your Story

  • Be Seen and Heard

  • Shine Your unique light into the world

In a world where lies, misinformation, disconnection and deceit are daily cluttering our perception, we have a personal and social responsibility  to speak our truth, and share our stories

                                                                                                                                              -Rebelle Society


Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced Akashic Records and Reiki Practitioner.


She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine

The Gypsy Writers Collective, The and co-host for the Storytelling, Magic & Medicine podcast. She is personal transformation coach, thought leader, writer, and speaker.

​Through her work, Shannon has helped thousands of women clear their limiting beliefs systems and conditioning to learn to trust in their inner guidance, so they can create their reality with a stronger spiritual foundation and from a place of confidence and power.

​Her genius lies in helping women unbecome the person they thought they had to be, so that they can rebuild a solid foundation that supports who they truly are.

With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey back home to themselves.


About Shannon.....

What you will receive....

We will begin with a Badass Self-Assessment , let's get down to the nitty gritty and have an honest and truthful look at your current relationship with your wild soul. This will  prepare you to take bold, and inspired action. 

Over the course of 90 days you will receive weekly  journaling prompts, inspiration, tools and wisdom via email  to assist your growth, healing and divine expansion. Each and every day you will be invited to dig a little deeper into the hidden corners of your soul. Together we will seduce the muse and find your warrior spirit. We will call forth your inner Badass in all of of her raw and raucous beauty and truth. (Value $5000)

We will meet weekly for a group masterclass for more insight and clarification about the week ahead. You can connect with other women on this same powerful journey in a safe and sacred place. You can feel free to share and gain insight from your other soul sisters. (Value $1000)

We will meet privately each month for a private session (3 sessions valued at $1000) via the Vintage Gypsy Meeting room. We will dive into the Akasha to clear away old stories and thought patterns that may be holding you back, allowing you to embrace a new and vibrant you. Clearing away the energetic gunk so you can move forward with more ease and grace. Not sure what the Akashic records are, Read More Here.


You will have access to a private facebook group. A supportive and sacred container where you are free to be seen and heard. A safe space to share your thoughts and insights.  I will be present here for extra support and inspiration. 

I will be with you every step of the way via email and messenger. (Value Priceless)

Together we will bring your Goddess to life. You will feel like the powerful, divine and empowered woman you are meant to be....


Total Value of this workshop $7700

We Begin September 20th 2021


Have questions? I'd be happy to answer them, just reach out

Working with Shannon has been a wonderful experience of growth and reinforcing experience. Her gentle guidance, her ability to unknot my balls of emotions, her insights into my blocks, her encouraging words, her depth of knowledge,and her sparkling enthusiasm make her an amazing teacher, guide, and all around badass goddess! 


Cozumel, Mexico

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