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Join me for an afternoon of Writing, Healing and Sisterhood at

Saskatoon Heavenly Reiki in Saskatoon SK.

Sunday April 5th, 2020 1pm

You are a Warrior, a Goddess,  A Mother and a Healer.

You are a Woman and you have a story to tell. 

Your story is as beautiful as the words that will tell it, 

the heart that keeps it hidden, and the 

eyes it hides behind. 

Only you can choose the words. You are brave and courageous. 

Writing your story is a step into reclaiming your sacred feminine power.

Shake the dust from your soul, and embrace your courage.

It's time to pick up your pen!!!

 I invite you my sweet gypsy sister to join me on a journey of

writing, self-discovery, healing, and redemption

Let me guide and support you as you adventure into self.

This event is postponed due to the Corvid-19


Your Storyteller.......

Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced akashic records practitioner and storyteller. She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. She guides women to ditch their fears, guilt and shame, to share their stories and live life unapologetically inspired by joy and passion.

She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She is a rebel child and a gypsy spirit. She believes in trusting the journey and that our strength as women comes from the bonds of friendship we nurture and the kindred sisterhood we share.

"Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities."

"We can change the world, One story at a time."

Tickets $40 and includes your *Free* copy of the

"Embrace Your Sacred Story" Guide to getting started

About the Workshop.....

When you hear the term sacred story we tend to instantly think of ancient stories most likely in some sort of  a biblical sense, but in reality we decide for ourselves that which we believe to be sacred. 
Your sacred story is a gift. A gift that you are giving to the world. It comes from deep inside and has the potential to inspire the collective audience. It comes from the heart and contains wisdom that only you can share. 


This workshop will guide you to

  • Overcome obstacles and face your fears of writing,

  • Find inspiration and seek out the magic that exists in the everyday

  • Find, embrace and even seduce your muse

  • Find and explore your authentic voice

  • Shine and share with confidence

  • Begin your writers journey


When you journey within you rarely come

Come Join Me, It's going to be Amazing!!!

What You Need to Know.....

  • Please Bring a Journal and a Pen (maybe a water bottle)

  • Snacks and Coffee will be provided 

  • We will be seated on the Floor however there are chairs for anybody that might need or prefer a chair. Maybe you want to bring a cushion, I just want you to be comfortable, whatever that looks like for you!

  • Saskatoon Heavenly Reiki is a beautiful space and there is a retail area as well if you might want to totally spoil yourself with a little something, I know you deserve it!!!

  • Please be a few minutes early so we can start on time for any that may have some time constraints. 

  • Please Bring an Open heart and Mind and any questions you may have!!!


Can't Wait to See YOU!!!

Saskatoon Heavenly Reiki is located at

#7-2220 Northridge Drive Saskatoon,SK

You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram or at

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