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It's refreshing to have authentic reading material for women, written by women. .....

Marie Aline

Author Billian the Borrower

From everything I've read about you, Shannon. I love you! Especially, the beautiful part you wrote about your sister. I have one sister (it's just us) and she is invaluable to me....... 

Thanks for what you're putting out in the world!

Best to you!


Billi J Miller

Author Farmwives in Profile

Just a few weeks before I ran into the founder of The Vintage Gypsy - Shannon Kelly - I had been wishing there was some sort of magazine to read about real people and their stories rather than repeats about make up and weight loss! What a coincidence that that's exactly what she does. She has come up with this great magazine - online or print form - about people and their stories (and other things).  Thank you Shannon Kelly and The Vintage Gypsy

Lucy James

Jam Street Music sessions

Prince Albert, SK.

After devouring the 4th and final issue for the 2016 Vintage Gypsy magazine, my heart and soul burst with smiles.  I reflect on all of the women I have “met” through both the written word and the visual art, and am blessed to have been able to spend time with them.  The variety of interests and personalities that are displayed in the magazine amaze and intrigue me, and I have truly enjoyed reading about each and every one of them.  Women are astonishing creatures that are always growing, changing, developing and inspiring and this magazine is no different.  I await with open arms the 2017 magazines and look forward to meeting the next gypsies.


Vicki Green, SR/WA

Prince Albert, SK.

Oh my goodness goddess Shannon!! This edition is NEXT LEVEL! It is incredible.. I really feel the energy of The Vintage Gypsy community becoming stronger. You are absolutely so stunning. And the pages devoted to me are just grand. Thank you so so much my darling! Xoxox

Kjelti Katherine

January 2017 Edition

What a breath of fresh air this magazine is! I love it! I look forward to every issue! Just an absolute beautiful magazine! ♥ And it seems to just be getting better and better as it evolves! I am so excited about this magazine as it is so full of inspiring stories! Thanks Shannon!! ♥ 
(Oh! And PS..... your Vintage Gypsy tank tops rock!!)

Shelly Dengler

Saskatoon, SK.

I absolutely love this magazine! It is a piece of art! The artwork is beautiful and the writing is interesting, true and heartfelt, it is all around feel good! I'm so excited to see how it will grow and where this gypsy is going to go! Thanks for creating and sharing this Shannon!

Lisa Quartel

Prince Albert, SK.

I get much inspiration from other woman and their real life stories. The articles are touching and original. I enjoy the read. Thank you to you Shannon for your vision to empower and lift women. You are truly a beautiful soul.

Corliss Ratti

With Purpose Consulting & Motivation

Prince Albert, SK.

Love this magazine. So real! It's inspiring and has local people, events and products in it. Makes you feel right at home.. Thank you!

Avery Dunn

Earthy Habits

Big River, SK.

This magazine is great and Shannon is lovely. Everyone should take a read!

Ellen Froese-Kooijenga

Martensville, SK.

I love reading these magazines. They are so inspirational and exciting. The stories are well written and exciting to read. I keep a copy of the magazine at work and in my night stand right beside my bed. Once I am finished reading it I then bring it down stairs for others to read. I have heard a lot of positive about this magazine and I can't wait for the next issue. 

Sandra Hing

Prince Albert, SK.

The Vintage Gypsy is a sweet sweet treasure to find along your marry Gypsy journey. Love & Smile my Gypsy Soul Sisters. Keep up the amazing work!!

Jill Thomas

Calgary, Alberta

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