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The Magic
of Money!

How to be a Magnet

for the MOULA!!!!

For Fierce Leaders Ready to Step into Flow and Tap into the Magic of Manifestation. 

This is for leaders ready and willing to do whatever it takes to really step into divine feminine leadership in their business and life. I’m not gonna lie, it takes us to do the work to make things happen and to create change in our lives and in our businesses. 

If you are ready to level up then this is for you!

Four weeks can literally change your life and catapult you into your next level prosperous, money making woman.

You would seriously be Crazy to pass this up.

If you are truly passionate about what you do and the life you live, then this workshop is your next step to creating a life and a business truly worthy of the Queen that you are. 

I have seen the struggle and I have been there for most of my life. Living paycheck to paycheck and program to program. I still remember standing in the alley watching the tow truck drive away the day my car got repo'd. I thought for sure I was going to end up living in a box under the bridge.


I came from small beginnings and always believed that I had to play with the cards I had been dealt. I told myself that I was doing everything I could to make my business successful. I was hustling and hustling and yet financially it just wasn't coming together. In fact I was sinking farther and farther in debt and it was weighing heavy on my mental health and my confidence! 

It took for me to get really serious and dissect my stories around money and wealth consciousness. Something so small, (yet so powerful), turned it all around in a second. And not just my business, MY LIFE! One day it just clicked and I have never looked back. I have scaled my business to 6 figures and am still climbing.

We can create our own reality and our own wealth and abundance. 

If I can do it…SO can YOU!!! I want to help you change your stories! 

 Let me share with you the simple techniques I used to Manifest the life I always dreamed of having! 

How I went from Bankruptcy to a 6-figure Business being a Rebel Entrepreneur

This Program is for You if.....

You are truly ready to shift your stories out of lack and scarcity

You want to embrace a prosperous and abundant life

You wish to learn the secrets of manifestation

You wish to let the past go and look forward to a future filled with possibility

You are ready to manifest all that your heart desires

You are ready to make a shit ton of money doing what you love to do

I really did enjoy the Money Mindset workshop! 

Even though I thought I had a pretty good "Money story" you were still able to open my eyes to stories and blocks that had prevented me from moving forward in ways that I wanted to, that I had never even thought about before. 


You have forever changed the way that I look at money and attracting abundance and instead of just accepting assuming that the way I've looked at money will always be the way that I look at money I catch myself questioning the stories and beliefs that I have around money and recognizing that some of these stories are truly holding me back and they no longer need to!    -Keri 


Shannon has this incredible energy of love, and she is dedicated to helping women become their best possible selves. Her guidance, encouragement and support have helped me work through my depression, heal my past, and envision an amazing future.


I am forever grateful to Shannon for her gentle guidance and all the gifts she keeps on giving me. Her Goddess Being sparkles with beautiful light, energy and conviction. I can never thank her enough for allowing me to see the strength and beauty within myself, and the knowing that there is a brighter future for me.

Wendy C 



Module 1: Recognizing Old Stories and Rewriting the Rules of Scarcity and Lack

Start scripting a new relationship with money. Release your old stories and limiting beliefs and rewrite the money rules from a place of joy, passion and a willingness to create a life vision full of prosperity and Love

Module 2: Self Sabotage, Why it happens and How to STOP

Let's investigate the emotions of money and why we self-sabotage ourselves on the road to riches

Week 3: Moving through the Fear and Finding Momentum

Understand the energy of money, release your fear around making a shit ton of it and find confidence in communicating about it.

Week 4: Creating the BIG Vision and Following Through

Creating a New Money Story that feels aligned with your desires and your prosperous and abundant future


4 Video Masterclasses with Tools, Journaling, and Challenges to keep you moving towards the MOULA!! (Value $2000.00)

Rebel Entrepreneur Power Hour Morning Journaling Practice


Empowering money beliefs affirmations handout, Use these tools to guide your journey to becoming a Manifestation Queen.

The Money Mindset Meditation! Yours to keep and use daily in your money mindset practices


Overcoming the Identity Crisis of Being a Millionaire

with Special Guest Brittany Marie Smith from Just B Intuitive Coaching 


The Stress Less Budget Workshop

with Special Guest Jessica Kate Zimmer from the Living Well Alliance 

Your Investment


or 3 payments of $222USD

What are the stories you tell yourself around money?

More money is hard to make

You have to work really hard for money
There is never enough to go around
The more I make the more I spend
If I have lots of money I am spoiled and snobby

I am not good with money
Making money is greedy
I can never get ahead

If I don’t hustle I will not be successful

I will enjoy life when I retire

I don’t deserve to make a lot of money
No matter what I do I am always broke
I am going to end up homeless
I can’t make money doing what I love to do.
No one is going to pay me for my sacred gifts.
It’s not safe to charge higher rates for my work

Isn't it Time to Change the Narrative?

Isn't it time to just allow flow and abundance into your life? Isn't it time to breathe in all of the juicy wealth and goodness this life has to offer you?

It's Time to SAY YES to YOU!! 

Omg I just finished the first video in your Magic of Money course and bam... I sold my condo. Thank you Thank you Thank you 


I just started the Money Manifesting course. Thank you so much for your time and quality of attention you put into this program! Its the one area of my life I was going to avoid looking at. Thanks again for being my guide in this abundance way of looking at $$$     -Christine

Money is flowing already, I am able to catch up on bills, and I got to do some shopping which I haven't done for so I splurged. So excited. Thank you 


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