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Are you a Recipe Follower?

Are a Recipe Follower? Or are you one of those people who looks at it, skims through, gets the just of it and proceeds to create a masterpiece adding a little of this and taking away a little of that! You have an understanding of what ingredients are essential but you prefer to add your own flare and flavor compositions that make your heart and your taste buds happy. Being an Rebel Entrepreneur is kind of like being the chef of your business. You take the basic recipe and add your personal style.

The world does not need any more cookie cutter entrepreneurs, reading the books and following the recipe! and doing what everyone else is doing. The world is craving new flavors and and view points. The world is craving you in your truest and most authentic version. The world needs fierce leaders, badass healers and courageous change makers. The world needs you to show up and change the conformities by which we do business.

It takes courage to show up as your most true and authentic version of you, to choose to color outside the lines of business management is a rebellious act. To show up and follow your F$%k Yah instead of your fears!

So here's a Recipe for you to add to your Collection

  1. Create the vision and Step into it like the queen that you are

  2. Make a plan and Master your daily routines to promote success on your terms

  3. Release your old stories and embrace new empowering money beliefs to watch your bank account and your bottom line grow.

  4. Call in your tribe and community and keep them engaged

  5. Mix in your Sacred Story because your mess is your message

  6. Back your self 120% knowing in your soul that this your path and your passion and trust that the universe has your back

  7. Add ideas until you get the right texture

  8. Gently simmer until you find your flow

It's time to become the leader in your life. Be the expert in your business, be the CEO, be the Badass Goddess unapologetically standing in your power, sitting on your throne, the queen of your queendom. You are a Rebel Entrepreneur!

Not sure where to start?

Reach out and lets have a conversation


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