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I was struggling to find peace in my life as a single mom with 2 teenagers, a full time corporate position and a side hustle I was desperately trying to grow.

I was exhausted, waking up every day already stressed out about what the day might bring.

My health was failing and I was drinking way too much wine trying to cope with my chaotic life.

My children were struggling with addictions, which left me feeling helpless and heartbroken (not to mention the guilt, shame, failure and frustration).

I took a leave of absence from work, a sick leave to rest and regain my strength.

I began seeing a therapist as required to get a paid leave. I was anxious and I'll admit I was a little embarrassed. I didn’t see myself as someone who needed therapy (now I believe we all need

She was kind and compassionate and made it easy to spill the emotional pain that overflowed my soul. She listened intently as I explained and shared my story.

On visit number 6… my last required session, she shared the most profound medicine with me. A few words that literally changed my life.

She said, “Shannon, everyone is on their own journey; your ex-husband, your kids, every person you know.”

Out of the 6 hours I had spent with this woman, these are the only words I remember, or needed to hear.

I pondered these words and still do on a daily basis, they literally changed the way I look at my life and the lives of others.

Each person is on their own journey, and they see only through their own lense of experiences.

Years later I still recite these words to my fellow struggling humans, my clients and my children.

I have come to have a deep respect for the human experience and my own.

I call it where the “I DON’T GIVE A FUCKS A LIVE” but it’s truly the opposite.

It's a calling to live and learn, grow and evolve without falling into the stories and emotional trenches with those around us.

It's an understanding that each person’s story is their own and we have the power to choose and change that story within ourselves at any given time.

But we must choose for ourselves, and we cannot convince and pressure others who are not ready for change.

We can however share the breadcrumbs…

“Hey this is what I’ve learned about being a human and I hope it helps you to be a better human to”

We can lead by example! Create a path for others to follow if they so decide.

We can be vulnerable and share our stories to create a space where others feel safe to also share theirs and understand they are not alone and that change can happen.

We can become UNF%&KWITHABLE…


To own one’s story and the choice to change To have deep self love and respect for ourselves To understand our own self worth without the need to validate through others To lead our life fearlessly and unapologetically To trust in our own intuition To create change from a place of love and compassion To conduct ourselves confidently To be vulnerable without a fear of judgment To recognize and have respect for the stories of others without letting them affect how we show up for ourselves

This is where the “I DON’T GIVE A FUCKS LIVE”



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