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Bench Racer! A Story and Life Lesson

Have you ever heard the term "Bench Racer?"

Its when a bunch of people (let's say guys..) gather to talk about racing, but don't actually do any

Some don't even have race cars.

They just sit on the sidelines and talk shit basically!!

I laughed so terribly hard when I first heard this term and my partner, Aaron, thought it was hilarious that I had never heard of this before, like I had been living under a rock or something, but of course, right away, I related it to being an Entrepreneur.

Now Aaron has been building race cars since the 70's and he knows a thing or two about Horsepower and what makes a machine work clean and fast. Weight to Horsepower ratio are the numbers they use to build speed. Simply put you must let go of all of the extra weight to create more speed. And if you don't want to lose the excess you have to compensate by building more horsepower.

Life as an entrepreneur is like this, we must be willing to lose that which holds us back in order to create more momentum forward. Lose the limiting beliefs, old stories of lack and scarcity and above all else, we must lose our deeply embedded flight response, the urge to run when things get tough. This of course is where having support is key but that's a story for a different day.

Moral of the story is this: It's all talk until you start walking the walk... And if you are committed to your success you must lose the excess baggage!

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Muhammad Shaker
Muhammad Shaker
15 avr. 2022

🇧🇫 i m shakir

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