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I used to watch people on the streets and in restaurants while they laughed and chatted and think that they lived a life much better than mine.

I assumed that they were happier than me, smarter than me, and worth more than me. All around me was evidence that this was true: my shabby bank account, my junky car, my thrift store clothes.

I would sit and try to imagine what it would be like to be someone else, one of those happy people who had it all.

I wondered what it would be like to be someone who could afford to go to the movies and go out to eat, someone who bought new clothes and shoes, or someone who had a good job that payed really well. Even imagining this seemed too hard. I always felt as if life was stacked against me.

Have you ever felt like everyone else was doing better than you? Have you ever felt like the deck was so stacked against you that you would never catch up? Like you were just here playing the cards you were dealt. I understand that feeling. I had it for much of my adult life.

I was always a dreamer , but I was unable to make those dreams a reality because the story I told myself was that I wasn’t enough. As long as I continued to tell myself that story, I would continue to be not enough.

The current state of your life is a direct result of the stories you tell yourself, and what you really believe is possible, not what you say is possible, but what you believe deep down in your core.

My story about not being good enough showed itself in every aspect of my life, my job, my family, my social life. It wasn't until I hired a mentor the very first time, that my life began to change, my story began to shift.

Until I was able to open my eyes and change my story, these aspects of my life were not getting better. You receive what you are telling your subconscious mind you deserve. I was telling my mind that I wasn’t good enough and that’s what I saw all around me.

If you change the limiting stories you tell yourself, you will change your life.


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