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Journaling is not actually about journaling.

It's about the time and space that you give to yourself.

I see you every morning jumping up when the alarm goes off to start your day; kids, partners, meals, activities, work, laundry, errands, etc etc etc....

By the time the day is done you are exhausted and depleted and ready for bed. I have so been there. Our minds are clouded by all of the to do lists and responsibilities and things....

I often ask women what it is they desire to have in their lives....

The funny thing is that most don't have a clue. We are so busy nurturing and caring for everyone else that we don't know what it is that we would like to have or do. Or we feel like anything we do want is just so far out of reach, but the truth is... We can have and manifest anything we wish, but we need to get clear on what that exactly is.

That's where the journaling comes in, or it's definitely one of the many benefits of getting started. Journaling is a beautiful way to allow yourself some time and space everyday to really tap in to what you desire to manifest in your life. It is a catalyst for healing and letting go of trauma and the skeletons which hang in the closet, clearing space in our energetic being to begin to see and feel more clearly. It helps us to make sense of the world and our own stories.

Journaling is a powerful tool that if used daily can change the way the subconscious mind works within us. It's scientifically proven that we can change our stories and the limiting beliefs we carry within us, just by journaling. I know Amazing right!!!

I've seen it happen again and again with the women I work with. I've seen this simple yet super powerful tool at work in my own life. The simple act of picking up a pen saved me. I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true and I know that it can change you to.

What if you committed to giving yourself 20 minutes a day?

Just 20 minutes a day to manifest anything your heart desires?

20 minutes of time and space to breathe into and claim your sovereignty.

20 minutes a day to tap into your feminine essence?

20 minutes a day to create a life of unapologetic joy, passion, and freedom?


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