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Just Do the Thing!

Hey Rebel;

Whether you are hustling your side gig in between your day job and the kids and the partner, or struggling to be seen and heard in your passion project, I just want you to know that I see you. KEEP GOING!!

Most Entrepreneurs never see success, because they give up. Why do they give up? Because its Hard! Its hard to put aside the judgement we believe will happen if we choose to shine.

Its hard because we fall into the comparison trap, and start judging ourselves. which leads directly to feelings of not enoughness and unworthiness.

Its hard because it takes consistency and commitment and most of us are barely finding time to eat a decent meal and do the laundry.

Its hard because ..... what if we fail?

So we avoid and we make excuses and stay stuck.

In a world of conformists and dream sucking rules, its hard to step out and take a chance to live the life you know you were born to live.

But what if you Succeed, what if you do so well that the possibilities to live a freedom lifestyle are right in front of you!

What if you could help your kids? Buy the car, own a home, travel, Ride a or simply live life in tune with your own wants and desires!

There are many reasons (excuses) to stay where you are and just keep dreaming, Its so easy to fall into the not enough cesspool and stay in the comfort zone of our conformed society.

Not enough time

Not enough Money

Not enough space

Not enough education

Not enough support

and the list goes on...........

But what if you just DECIDED

To make a commitment to do the THING!

To give myself permission to take up more space in this world and TRY!

To MAKE it Happen!

I know you are already feeling rebellious. Do you Feel it? the excitement and anticipation. The Love, Joy and Passion that's burning inside of you!

Now that's Your Fire... Keep Fueling it with possibility and soon the not enough's will not matter!


Muhammad Shaker
Muhammad Shaker

u looking nice friend

i wanna friend ship with u

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