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NO Cheap Socks!

I went out to do some shopping today and NEW fresh socks was on my list, and I don't know about you, but there is something a little magical about putting on a pair of socks that have never been worn before.

Its that perfect fit, that feels oh so great.

While scoping out all of the socks at the local Winners store, I was laughing at myself at how hard it was to find the perfect socks. I like different socks, for different shoes, different activities, and I refuse to cheap out. Cheap socks are a solid NO! I don't even like to wear socks but alas it is still Winter time in the Northern Hemisphere and socks are a must.

This mornings adventure also got me thinking about a comment that was posted in my private Rebel Entrepreneur Group (which you can totally join by the way). I asked "if you could share one piece of advice with someone just beginning their entrepreneurial journey, what would it be?" The comment that accompanied it was this "Invest in a coach who's a few steps ahead of where you are, who has achieved what you desire to achieve."

I know what your thinking, but bear with me.....

This advice resonates with me so very much. If you are gonna spend the time and money to invest in yourself and your business, invest it with someone who can teach you to get the results that you are craving. I hear so many women say, I can't invest that much, I just can't possibly afford that, but the truth is, You can't actually afford not to. It's like buying cheap socks, over and over , and over again only to have the same results. One wash and they are floppy and twisted and don't fit right. but instead of biting the bullet to invest in good, well made socks, we continue on for years complaining and hating our socks, waiting and wishing for summer to arrive, so we can once again go without.

I have so been there, buying low ticket offers, attending free masterminds and downloading every free pdf out there. The results were always the same, not enough. None of these resources, helped me to achieve 6 figure results, which is what I desperately wanted. The truth is, I didn't actually see many results at all until I purchased my first coaching package at a price tag of over $5000.00. It changed not only my life, but it changed my business, gave me focus and clarity and someone who understood what I was going through.

Have you ever heard that OLD saying, "You get what you pay for?" The same goes for education and knowledge. We never bat an eye to invest $40-50,000 on university or college. Why would we hold ourselves back from investing in our business growth. It took me 10 years to pay back my student loans after I graduated, and I never ever had a month where I made 20K working in that field, now I have had many.

So what are the things that you refuse to cheap out on! I know my list is getting longer as I continue on this journey of living my best human experience.

Food, clothing, shoes, definitely socks and most importantly ME!

Moral of the Story; You are worthy of having it all, so don't cheap out on yourself!

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Anne Ryan
Anne Ryan
10 Φεβ 2022

OMGGGG this is gold! So true xx

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