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I still remember the very day that my life changed forever...

The Day SHIT got REAL!!!

I was working my government job, my contract job, and my VG business. I became depressed and totally exhausted and yet I still pushed on trying to make a dollar and keep up with what I thought were my responsibilities. My teenagers were struggling with drugs and alcohol in a huge way, I was tired. I felt angry and helpless and unworthy. I felt like a failure. I failed them and myself. I was drowning myself in red wine and tears and self pity.

Until one day I awoke at 5 am as I usually did, turned the coffee pot on and hit the shower. Something happened.....

I began to cry uncontrollably..... I just couldn't stop....

I left the shower and crawled back into bed. I stayed there for three days.... I just couldn't function anymore. One the fourth day I went to see my doctor. I was diagnosed that day with a mild case of adrenal fatigue. I took three months off work and began seeing a counsellor.

She said something to me on like my sixth visit. And it was so profound to me, it was a pivotal moment in my life that I will never forget. She said “Shannon, everyone is on their own journey, Your kids, your ex husband, your family members. Every single person is on their own journey and you can’t control all the outcomes”

After I wrapped my head around that ( It took a few I made a conscious choice to start choosing ME, to start healing ME! I knew I could not do it alone, I invested in a Mentor, I invested in myself and in my business.

And this is what I’ve learned.

Healing and transformation are my responsibility. As I invested in myself and my own healing journey, something spectacular happened, the people around me began to heal as well. My stories shifted as did my perspective. I watched my children grow learn and thrive in their own healing. As I heal so do they. I needed to get out of the managerial role and into the leadership role and lead by example. I needed to stand in my power. I needed to share my stories, I needed to get crystal clear on who I was and why I was determined to rise and lead my own life.

Vintage Gypsy has become a beautiful community of sacred soulful women. Through all the stories, articles, and interviews, and workshops I’ve learned that we as women, are all the same. We have all struggled, we have all loved to the extent of our hearts and souls, and we have all faced heart break and insecurity, but we are amazing resilient creatures, who get up every single day, put on our brave faces and make this world a better place for the people we love.

At this time, it is more important than ever, to be a leader in your own life. Ditch your Fear, Freedom lives on the other side of Fear. Ditch your guilt for all of your past failures, they were just lessons… Feedback and we all have them. Ditch your shame, it is not shameful to learn and grow from our mistakes. It’s time to unleash your truth. Dust the cobwebs from your soul, spill the skeletons from your closet. It’s time to Step up and out into the light and share your stories with the world. It’s time to stand in your power and as we do this, we pave the way for our daughters and all the women that come after us.

And I now know exactly what I came here to do… I am here on this big blue planet to be a Vintage Gypsy and I’m here to help you become the best version of you.


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