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This is my Why! What's Yours?

I have really been contemplating lately my new found understanding of the circle of life. Having this little man enter my world so very unexpectedly has had a profound impact on how I run my life and my business. I feel like I have this deeper understanding of Love and Patience that I just never had with my own children.

When my children were small, I always dreamed of working from home so I could be there with them. That never happened, but the idea was always lingering in the back of mind but I had no idea how I would make it happen.

I am so ever grateful that here I am so many years later and my business now allows me to be here spending time with this miracle of life. I just pack up my laptop, jump in the car and I am still working everyday, but I am also not missing out on a single opportunity to hang out and tell stories to my Baby Jamo. What a wonderful LIFE it is!

When we talk about building a business online or otherwise, every mentor and coach out there always asks..... What's your Why?

I've learned that you must be very clear on your desires and your why? Manifestation takes mindset and commitment. The journey is not always an easy one and In order to ride the emotional rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur, getting right with your own limiting beliefs, changing your stories, staying committed to your dreams and desires; you must know deep down to your core why you are doing so.

Of course over the years, my WHY has evolved probably as many times as I have, but I have stayed the course and have always been committed to having and growing a business that allowed me the freedom to work from anywhere.

I am finally there! I may not be on a beach in Mexico but I'm here spending precious moments and holding this beautiful baby in my arms while I type away.




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