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What if it was in your Hands?

What would the world look like if you had the power to change it? What kind of leader would you be? If you were the Queen, what morals and values would you want to your loyal subjects to live by?

Those who are Crazy enough to think they can change the world,

are the ones who usually do!!! -Steve Jobs

I have always loved this quote from Steve Jobs and I used to write it on the Board on the first day of class, when I was teaching. I'm a believer that our actions can change how others see the world around them.

When we step up and out and shine our light, we create a path for others to follow. When we embrace our divine gifts and live from a place of unapologetic joy and passion, we inspire others to do the same.

What a beautiful world we would live in if everyone lived and loved from a place of joy and beauty. If everyone was excited for each new day and new adventure.

We can create this world! We can teach our daughters and granddaughters to understand their worth. We can teach all women to understand and value their gifts. We can live and learn to love ourselves fully and completely. But first we must do this for ourselves, so we can create the path for them to follow.

We are the leaders of today. We are the storytellers of our time. We must share our stories, we must heal our own brokenness. We must let go of this societies conformity and the old stories that keep us stuck on the merry go round of not enough. We must move through our traumas and breakthrough the cycles of pain and fear. We must own our shit and embrace our greatness. We must shine so bright that the world will need sunglasses to be in our

We must Start a LOVE REVOLUTION.....


We can change the world, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!

Inspiring one person at a time to follow the path behind you, we can change the energetic vibration of this world. We can heal the collective as we take on the responsibility to heal ourselves.

The time is now Sister!!! Move through your fear. Conquer your demons, Be the leader in your life that only YOU can be!! Because I know you can!


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