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How many times have you risen from the ashes to be born again and again?


First Love

Losing your Virginity

First Love Loss


First place of your own




All of these moments hold within them the power to change us, grow us, and also traumatize us! But they are all initiations in their own rite.

What about the small initiations we don't always think about.

The first time you jumped in a puddle with or perhaps without rubber boots, the pure joy that you felt as the cold, mucky water soaked your shoes or you

The first time you rode a bike down a big Hill, your feet off the peddles and feeling the wind on your face.

The first time you choked back a drink of alcohol, the horrible taste, and how it made you feel, or maybe the first time you got high.

The first time since your divorce that you realized that you are completely alone, were you scared, exhilarated, confident, or feeling lost.

These are all Initiations and we must acknowledge them and celebrate them. Each and every time we rise is a cause for celebration.

We Rise, We Grow, We learn and we move forward, leaving behind the pieces of us that no longer serve our highest potential.

We are sacred women on a sacred journey, navigating the world from a perspective gifted us from our mothers, grandmothers, and all of those who have entered our lives.


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