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Imagine showing up as the sacred entrepreneur you are, growing your business past any previous self-imposed limitations you have had before.

Imagine moving through the fear and taking the steps you know you need to take to grow your business, with a mentor and friend that has been where you are.

Imagine feeling the ease of sharing your work and yourself with clients that are just waiting to finally connect with you and your offers.

Imagine creating endless content that connects to your audience (Yeah!!!! More sales for you). 

Imagine having your business and money work for you in a way that feels inspired, aligned and naturally connecting you to your audience of buyers.

Imagine giving yourself FULL Permission to show up unapologetically growing your business to new levels that you know deep down you want to. 

Imagine NOT waiting another Year to take the leap you know you need to, to grow your business into the successful vision that you know is possible (despite what others may say or think). 

This is for the Woman Born Ready to do it all and Jump In with Reckless Abandon! 

You know you were born for this! 


You Are a WILD SPIRIT, a Changemaker, and a TRUE REBEL

F%*K the Rules throw them out! 

You are Following the F%$K YES! and Ready to REBEL the SHIT outta your BIZ! 

The REBEL WAY TO 10K Bundle has it ALL 

🔥 The Magic of Money (Value $2997.00)

A powerful 4 week Money Revolution!  Get your Money Story right, once and for all.

Start calling in the MOULA 10K, 20K, 50K 

🔥 Rock Your Confidence (Value $2997.00)

Turn your Fears into Fuel and start Rockin that Visibility piece that stops so many Entrepreneurs in their tracks. It's Time to be seen & heard in all of your Messy and Beautiful Truth!

🔥 Sacred Story For Business (Value $1188.00)

Cultivate your truth, Find your Confidence and start Calling your Soulmate Ride or Die clients with the Power of your sacred STORY! 

🔥 The Akashic Business Sessions (Value $891.00)

Energetically Align with your Unique Business and the Vision of the Woman you are becoming who can run the whole damn thing! Shift your Identity to call in all that you desire. Create your irresistible Soul Led Offer and align energetically to the peeps who need your magic! 

Shannon Brand-3371.jpg

Are you ready to give yourself FULL permission to Leave the Rules behind and Grow your Business on your terms, from a place of Pure Joy, Passion and Rebel Confidence?


Total Value of this Life and Biz Changing Bundle is over $8073.00


I have included everything you will need to start and grow your business to

6 figures and beyond!

Here's Everything included in this Offer! 

The Magic of Money


(Value: $2997.00)


Release your current beliefs about money and embrace new and empowering beliefs and practices that guide you to receive, nurture and accept more abundance into your life.


️4 Video trainings with Tools, Journaling, and Challenges to keep you moving towards the MOULA!! 


✔  Power Hour Money Mindset Meditation


✔  Empowering money beliefs affirmations PDF

Rock Your Confidence


(Value: $2997)


OWN your greatness and release your FEAR! True Confidence in one's self comes from the ability to recognize and celebrate your inner strengths, and your uniqueness. It requires that you are grounded in your truth and authenticity. 


It requires that you FINALLY let go of the preconceived notions of who you think you are supposed to be and STEP IN to your true divine nature. 

  6 Video trainings with Tools


️Journaling Challenges to increase your self love and grow your confidence.

Sacred Story For Business


(Value: $1188)

Stories create connection and evoke emotion. They live subconsciously and consciously within us. They allow us to paint pictures in the minds of our audience, to share experiences and dreams and knowledge.


Sharing your true authentic self attracts the customers you want to have in your business. Sharing your stories allows you to connect with your audience in a meaning and powerful way. Stories are a place where we can alchemize our hard to tell experiences into medicine for others while healing ourselves. It allows us to connect with our audience in an intimate and connected collaboration, inviting both parties into a deeper conversation.


️4 Video Trainings jam packed with inspiration to get you writing and sharing your story with ease 

Journaling prompts that will guide you to connect to your story and refine your message

The Akashic Business Sessions

Energetically Align with Your Business and Manifest your Highest Potential

(Value: $891)

Working with Akashic Records and within the energy of the Akasha often activates a new journey of self awareness, empowerment, and awakening as we learn to navigate our lives and our businesses from a deeper soul level perspective. The wisdom, intelligence and healing of this pure source of energy lifts old energetic stagnation giving us the opportunity move through limiting beliefs and experience an upgrade of energy in our reality that allows us to come back into alignment and greater expression of our true divine nature, and unique authentic expression. 


️3 Video Intuitively Guided Training Sessions within the Akasha to reveal your aligned next steps 

Session #1

Creating and Aligning to your Vision as a Divine and Badass Spiritual Entrepreneur

Visioning Success on your own terms.

Stepping Boldly into the vision that you have for your life and business.

Session #2

Connecting with your Ride or Die Soulmate Clients?

Calling them in with your unique business Blueprint. 

Allowing your guides and helpers to show your souls path to success 

Becoming the Inspirer to lead the way

Session #3

Creating your Signature Soul Led Offer

Packaging up your Brilliance as a gift to the World

What is the Divine Message you are here to Deliver

Becoming the leader and creating the path for others to Follow 

Shannon Brand-3362_edited.jpg

Hey there business BAD ASS...

My name is Shannon Kelly and I guide REBEL women just like you to ditch their FEARS, become Fierce Femme Trailblazers,  build 6- Figure Business Structures that cultivate Confidence and Passion! And do it all UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Have more questions??? I'd be happy to answer them. Reach out and let's chat about it.



I would love to hear about where you are on your Rebel Entrepreneur journey. 

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