You & Me Together

ONE on ONE for 4 Weeks

Let's get it started...

Where in your life and your business are you playing small? 

Where haven't you followed through on what you say you are gonna do?

Where are you allowing your fears to take over instead of taking the next step?

Are you spending your time trying to figure out what everyone else is doing without spending the time and energy tuning into the one person who has the answers?

Divine leadership is about confidence

It's about embodying your success

It's about letting go of the same patterns and excuses that keep you stuck!

Finding your unique voice, tapping into your own intuition, learning how to step up as a leader....


And these all have one thing in common..YOU!!!

YOU standing in your power becoming the woman you are being called to be 

YOU living unapologetically inspired by your own essence and purpose and passion. 

YOU owning YOU and your divine right to live an abundant and prosperous life doing what you Love

Join me for a 4 week ONE on ONE Intensive Immersion to kick start and manifest your highest potential. 

It's time to Rise Queen and

start doing what it is you came here to do! 

How it Works...

Let's begin with a Badass self-assessment to get clear about where we are starting and where do we go from here.

We will meet 1:1 weekly for doses of love, encouragement, healing, Warrior Goddess writing, and much much more...


Kick your not-enough's to the curb. Own your shit, set better boundaries,  embrace your power and step into pure confidence and connectedness with self. Be the Badass Gypsy Goddess you know you were born to be. 

​You have access to me via email and messenger 24/7 (within reason of course) for 4 full weeks,  30 days of intimate support and sisterhood. 

This is an intense transformational mentorship for visionaries and creative leaders who are truly ready to get started living the life they know they were born to live. 

What You Can Expect

A safe and sacred container of love and acceptance for you to explore your inner workings, healing, transformation, and growth.

Guidance and resources to nourish your soul and build your confidence.

Honesty and Accountability (a very loving kick in the ass if needed).

Sisterly Love and Friendship with someone who understands and has been where you are.

1:1 personal coaching and transformation, customized just for YOU!!!​

Your very own cheerleader to stand beside you and encourage, inspire and empower you on your journey.

Your Investment in You

It is my divine passion to support women on their journey to freedom and unapologetic joy. I have never ever before offered a one on one mentorship of this depth for such a low investment.

Choose to Pay in Full $297.00 or 3 payments of $112.00. 


After payment is made, you will receive the badass self-assessment so that you can get started right away. 

"Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world ... As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Nelson Mandela

Allow me to support you as you claim your throne

Wear your crown

Stand in your leadership

Own your Worth

Start doing the thing you know you were born to do!

You & Me 4 weeks to Rise like the Queen you Are

This is for You if:

You Have an Idea or a side hustle that you are ready to share with the world

You are feeling stuck and need a gentle push to get you moving forward

You have no idea where to start, but you want to and you are ready 

You desire to take a walk on the wild side and out of your comfort zone. 

​You want to live an inspired life.

​You are ready to embrace and grow your confidence. 

You are ready to find a true and authentic voice that is your own.

You are ready to step into the Magic that resides outside of your comfort zone.

You want to tap into your own unique rhythm and flow.

You want to break free from the perfect persona that is holding you back and move into true authentic expression. 

"Thank you Shannon for being such a blessing on my entrepreneurial journey. 

You are an amazing business guide and coach. I so appreciate you sharing your knowledge and wisdom. You opened up your time, space and energy to offer help and assistance to develop my home based business. I have been able to gain so much from your one on one coaching sessions. 

You truly are a leader, a rebel entrepreneur, and a badass warrior goddess.  I am so grateful for your warm and loving guidance and support. You have a sincere desire to encourage women in their growth and confidence.


I highly recommend Shannon for any woman wanting to manifest her full potential."


About Shannon.....

Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced Akashic Records and Reiki Practitioner. She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy MagazineThe Gypsy Writers Collective & The Rebelpreneur.com.


She is a business and personal transformation coach, thought leader, writer, and speaker.

​Through her work, Shannon has helped thousands of women clear their limiting beliefs systems and conditioning to learn to trust in their inner guidance, so they can create their reality with a stronger spiritual foundation and from a place of confidence and power.

​Her genius lies in helping women unbecome the person they thought they had to be, so that they can rebuild a solid foundation that supports who they truly are.

With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey back home to themselves.

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