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"Self Confidence is a SUPER POWER. Once you start believing in yourself, magic starts to happen."


What's Holding you Back?

Where in Your Life are You Playing Small?

Why are you not living the Life you've always dreamed of?

The Number one reason women take a step back or fail to follow through on achieving their dreams is FEAR!

FEAR of the Outcomes

FEAR of Judgement 

FEAR of Ridicule

FEAR of Making Mistakes

FEAR of Imperfection


Its Your time to shine dear Maven. It's time to rid yourself of the preconceived notions that have been holding you back from living your best life. It's time to put aside your "I'm not good enough's" and your tendency to compare yourself to others. It's time to let go of all of the emotional baggage that has been weighing you down once and for all.

It's time to OWN your greatness and release your FEAR!


True Confidence in one's self comes from the ability to recognize and celebrate your inner strengths, and your uniqueness. It requires that you are grounded in your truth and authenticity. It requires that you FINALLY let go of the preconceived notions of who you think you are supposed to be and STEP IN to your true divine nature.

I have recognized in my own journey that self Love and respect is an innate aspect of the confidence that I exude, understanding this and pondering the birth of this workshop, a beautiful opportunity arrived.


I have teamed up with Radiant Living Coach Heather Irene to bring you a beautiful  journey of Radiant Self Love and Rebel Ass Kickery. 


Heather Irene is a Radiant Living Coach, guiding women from burnt out to burning up with endless amounts of natural energy as they become aware of the negative thought patterns and behaviors that keep them stuck in emotional eating, poor body image, people-pleasing and chronic exhaustion.

By incorporating simple daily exercises her clients learn how to meet their own emotional needs feeling energized, inspired and hopeful as they claim sacred space for themselves, embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique beauty as they discover what is really weighing them down.

As a Federal Correctional Officer for ten years regularly working 12 and 16 hour shifts in a highly toxic and volatile workplace, she knows all too well  how easily overwhelming and soul sucking shift work can be.


Being diagnosed with P.T.S.D. in 2009 became a pivotal point in her life as anxiety and panic attacks became routine.Not feeling supported by her union or employers she began a journey of self discovery and healing.Through her own personal experiences she has transformed her life radically from a depressed, stressed, anxious over- eater Zombie mom into living life radiantly, experiencing optimum health, feeling empowered, balanced and personally responsible for her own happiness and worthiness.


She speaks at many women's functions, retreats and holds workshops on top of coaching one on one to support the collective healing of others.It is her purpose to share her vulnerabilities in order to help others feel change and joy are possible no matter of size, age, or career choice.


Her teachings are sourced from her own deep personal experiences and realizations that any woman can move from pain to pleasure. For her it is all about helping women develop their authentic feminine confidence and reclaiming their bodies as sacred weaving the magic and deep wisdom of the Akashic field into every lesson.


Certified in the E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Akashic record readings, she gently but quickly gives her clients the awareness to cleanse and shift their energy.


She struggled with body image, yo yo dieting, body shaming and food addiction. Throughout her first 35 years- She has been her best friend and  worst enemy.  It was only after practicing radical self love and self expression was she able to forgive herself and her trespassers and start a relationship of love with herself.


She has attended international leadership and development conferences, invested heavily in her own healing and transformation with personal mentors over the last 9 years, and now is honoured to lead others in their own journeys of reinvention. She has been a guest speaker and co-host at many women’s empowerment retreats and workshops, and holds sacred moon circles once a month within her community. She is a passionate and wildly expressive 40-something mamma bear, fellow sister and nature lover.

Be reintroduced to the fierce, unique, gifted, expressive and self loving woman that you are!

Are you ready to speak your truth, and reconnect with your authentic self?

Are you Ready to Recognize your own greatness and FINALLY Love your Life?

Are you Ready to ROCK YOUR CONFIDENCE!!!

There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky, And you ask, "What if I fall?" 
Oh but my Darling, "What if you Fly?"



Shannon Kelly is a Badass Warrior Goddess. She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine, guiding women to ditch their fears, guilt and shame, to share their stories and live life unapologetically inspired.

"It is my greatest passion to guide and help women manifest their highest potential, to understand the value and worth that they bring to the world by showing up in their truth, power and confidence. To Live unapologetically inspired by their highest calling and their biggest dreams.

This is what I came here to do!" -Shannon

I spent so much of my life living in Fear, years that I will never get back and that saddens me. I always felt like the black sheep, my wild gypsy soul struggled to live in the box society had set out for me.


I remember watching my kids play outside when they were small and having this dream of working from home so I

could be with them. But No, I would go and get a "REAL" Job, and do the things I am supposed to do, like take your kids to daycare and let someone else watch them grow up. 


I am there now, working from home, but 25 years later, and my kids are all grown up having kids of their own.

What Stopped me? You ask, from doing it then.

ME... I stopped Me. I allowed myself to be pulled in by the conformities of society, telling me that I was not good enough, that I needed to live a certain way and I spent 25 years of my life in total failure trying to live up to those expectations instead of following the path of freedom which I dearly longed for.

I spent 25 years living in FEAR!

What Changed?

To be honest I had a total F&%KN breakdown. I fell into a Deep Dark Rabbit Hole of Depression and Denial. My soul was sucked DRY from trying to do all of the things that I thought society wanted and expected from me and I just wasn't measuring up. 

I woke up one day, looked at myself in the mirror in complete exhaustion and went back to bed. I stayed there for three days. I did a lot of screaming, crying and soul searching in those three days. 

It was then that I started to ask myself; What do I truly want in my life? and Do I really give a F#$K if I am measuring up?  

A Journey of Soul Revolution began.

Step by step, I began to move through and dig deep into the layers to discover once again who I was.
WHO I WAS before all of the societal conditioning took place
WHO I WAS in my rawest form.
WHO I WAS in the NItty Gritty.
WHO I WAS at soul level. 

I have Risen now from the ashes of the fire, that I had set on my life that day I stayed in bed.
The day I decided to choose ME!
The day I decided that I only had one life to live and I was done trying to live it on everyone else's terms.
The day I was done feeling insignificant and small.
The day I put my FEAR aside for a pair of big girl panties (LOL). 


  • Shift out of fear, guilt, and shame and truly embrace your divine BADASS Goddess self

  • Give yourself full permission to grow, lead, and prosper

  • Break free from the perfection persona and really embrace your own uniqueness

  • Stop being a people pleaser and find your own unique voice

  • Stop comparing yourself to others, dig your heels in and follow your own path

  • Own your emotions and set better boundaries

  • Nurture your own needs and deepen your connection with self without guilt 

  • Speak your truth with confidence and conviction


I am glad I chose these two ladies for this part of my journey. I was able to relate so well to both ladies. I can easily relate to Shannon; she is a no-bullshit Soul-Coach who helps pull-out the brilliance in each one of the ladies who take part in her workshops. Heather Irene spoke of how she burned-out in her previous job, and I did too—so I was able to relate with her through this. I was always taught that I was never enough and have spent a long time grieving the loss of a relationship, but this program helped me realize that I am enough, and I am amazing. I have many tools now to support my growth and believe it is possible to create the life I have always dreamed of. I felt fully supported throughout the program, not only from Shannon and Heather but from the entire group of women! I will be taking more classes/ workshops with these ladies and I would recommend the program to others-definitely! Because I know it has helped me move forward and I would recommend the program to women who were ready to get REAL and GROW in their lives. 

-Gloria S. 

La Ronge, SK.


Lifetime Access to 6 masterclass Videos to really dive in and dissect each week's theme.


Understand and Experience yourself as the queen you are meant to be. (value $3582.00)

Learn to incorporate simple techniques to guide you on your journey of self love and awareness.


Step out of your comfort zone and see the magic that can happen on the other side of fear.


What's Holding You Back?

Fear is the gatekeeper

No more excuses

Meeting yourself with Love and Compassion

Stop the Comparison


Liberate Your Life

Embrace and Celebrate YOU!

Throw Away the Trash Talk

Breaking the cycle of shame, blame and de-value.

Let the mirror work for you!


Step out of your Conditioning

Claim your Desires

Grounding In and Understanding your Why

Give Yourself Permission

 Rewriting the rules 


Becoming the Queen

Celebrate Your Unique Beauty

Drop comparison and feel nurtured

Connect with our divine temples

Shift perceived flaws into acceptance


Claiming your Sovereignty

Wear your Crown

Breaking through the resistance

Creating success in your life and biz

Giving in to Vulnerability and truth


Confident as a Queen

Rise Shine Repeat

Embodiment of your Confident self

Living your most radiant life!

Ride the waves of momentum and desire

Total Value of this Workshop $2374.00 

Freedom lives on the Other side of Fear!!

It's Time to Live Your Best Life!


"Think like a QUEEN.

A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to GREATNESS"




I cannot thank Shannon & Heather enough for their guidance & wisdom. Both have such an abundance of lessons and tools to share & I feel so thankful that I invested in myself and joined. I felt so much support, love, kindness, openness. The weekly challenges helped me share, grow, & reshape myself. This group changed my life! While I began to let my light really shine & open my heart to me, I started to take necessary life changing, positive steps in my life that have allowed me to love & honour myself & know & hear my hearts needs with self approval & confidence. Gratitude became so abundant that each day is full of possibilities & I am content within them. If change, self love, & letting go of fear sounds desirable then I’d recommend this experience to every woman out there ready to let go & live. 

-Shannon K.

Prince Albert, SK.

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