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Rebel Entrepreneur 

1:1 Mentorship Journey

"Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world ... As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Nelson Mandela

Where in your life and your business are you playing small? 

Where haven't you followed through on what you say you are gonna do?

Where are you allowing your fears to take over instead of taking the next step?

Are you spending your time trying to figure out what everyone else is doing without spending the time and energy tuning into the one person who has the answers?

Divine leadership is about confidence

It's about embodying your success

It's about letting go of the same patterns and excuses that keep you stuck!

Finding your unique voice, tapping into your own intuition, learning how to step up as a leader....


And these all have one thing in common..YOU!!!

You standing in your power becoming the woman you are being called to be 

You living unapologetically inspired by your own essence and purpose and passion. 

You owning You and your divine right to live an abundant and prosperous life doing what you Love

The World needs the medicine ONLY You can Give!!

The World needs you to show up and be the leader of your life and your business!!!


The obstacles in our path are often driven by fear and insecurity. Our own limiting beliefs are most usually influenced by an event or circumstances which occurred in the past. These beliefs are deeply embedded in our unconscious mind like an internal set of instructions that depict how we think and behave.

But the good news is......we can change it. We are all powerful creators of our own story

But where do we begin...

First we must Undo, Unravel, Unlearn and Unbecome. We must remember who we were before the world got its hands on us. 

Live your life completely and unapologetically full of Joy and Passion. 

Reconnect with your own sacredness, your feminine power and the vision of how you would like your life to unfold.

Shift from feeling guilt and shame to gaining a deep and sacred bond with your divine self and the world around you. 

Let go of being a people pleaser, Learn to voice your needs and create healthy boundaries. 

Release yourself from old stories and belief systems that keep you feeling stuck and unworthy.

Get clear on your vision and your passion and your message.

Let me guide and support you as you take back your Power and emerge as the Divine Badass Goddess that you are. 

Find your howl, make peace with your past.


Release your old patterns and find freedom in your truth  

& Rock Your Gypsy Soul!!!

About Shannon

Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced Akashic Records and Reiki Practitioner.

She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy MagazineThe Gypsy Writers Collective, & The & Co-host of the Sorytelling, Magic and Medicine podcast. 

She is personal transformation coach, thought leader, writer, and speaker.

​Through her work, Shannon has helped thousands of women clear their limiting beliefs systems and conditioning to learn to trust in their inner guidance, so they can create their reality with a stronger spiritual foundation and from a place of confidence and power.

​Her genius lies in helping women unbecome the person they thought they had to be, so that they can rebuild a solid foundation that supports who they truly are.

With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey back home to themselves.

"It is my greatest passion to guide and help women manifest their highest potential, to understand the value and worth that they bring to the world by showing up in their truth, power and confidence. To Live unapologetically inspired by their highest calling and their biggest dreams.

This is what I came here to do!" 


This is for You if:

You desire to leave the rules of conformity behind 

You desire to take a walk on the wild side and out of your comfort zone. 

You long to make peace with your past and heal your old stories. 

You want to live an inspired life.

You seek life-changing experiences and uplifting connections that can provide you with the depth and substance you crave.

You are ready to embrace and grow your confidence. 

You are ready to find a true and authentic voice that is your own.

You are ready to step into the Magic that resides outside of your comfort zone.

You want to tap into your own unique rhythm and flow.

You want to break-free from the perfection persona that is holding you back and move into true authentic expression. 

To fully embody your divine feminine power and own your gifts.

To know and understand the value of your gifts and be unafraid to share them.

To shift out of fear, guilt, and shame and truly embrace your truth.

To give yourself full permission to grow, lead, and prosper.


I came to know Shannon over two years ago through her amazing magazine The Vintage Gypsy.

When she began offering her online classes I did not hesitate and it was the beginning of a divine working relationship and friendship. Working with her has been a wonderful experience of growth and reinforcing experience. Her gentle guidance, her ability to unknot my balls of emotions, her insights into my blocks, her encouraging words, her depth of knowledge,and her sparkling enthusiasm make her an amazing teacher, guide, and all around badass goddess! 

-Jan Erickson

Cozumel, Mexico

How it Works....

This is a "revolving door" mentorship with a minimum 6 month commitment, but of course you can stay in this sacred and transformational container as long as you wish. 

We will meet 1:1 bi-weekly for doses of love, encouragement, healing, Warrior Goddess writing and much much more....

Each Month we will gather as a group for Rebel Entrepreneur trainings, Akashic activations and Q/A Sessions

We will bring in the power of the Akasha to remove the blocks and old stories that keep you on the merry go round of guilt, shame, and fear. Kick your not-enough's to the curb. Own your shit, set better boundaries,  embrace your power and step into pure confidence and connectedness with self.

You are welcome to join the Rebel Entrepreneur Mastermind Facebook Group and connect with others on the same journey. It is an opportunity to allow yourself to be seen and heard in a safe and sacred space. I am present here offering Love and support.

You have access to me via email and messenger 24/7 (within reason of course) for as long as you are in this container of Love and support.

The ELITE Bonuses!!

Being a Member of the Rebel Entrepreneur Inner circle means you are a lifer, and as such you are welcome to join and partake in any and all of my workshops that are offered during the course of your commitment. In Fact I would love for you to be there! You are the Elite of the Rebel Entrepreneurs!

Receive Inner circle access to all home study programs as they are added to the membership site 

This is a transformational mentorship for visionaries and creative leaders who are truly ready to stand in their power and create a life they are inspired to live. 

You are a Gypsy, A Goddess, A Warrior, and a BAD ASS Sacred Woman

You are a Queen

It's time for you to claim your throne......

Wear your crown.....

Reclaim your power ......

& Own your truth......

“My experience working with Shannon has been so positive and heartwarming. I have found Shannon to be genuinely interested in sharing her gifts with others to aid with healing and self growth. She does this by guiding people through unique journaling and creative experiences.

I treasure the journey I have taken with Shannon and appreciate her sincerity and kindness.”

-Arlene Burke

Saskatchewan, Canada


What You can Expect

A safe and sacred container of Love and acceptance for you to explore your inner workings, healing, transformation and growth.

Guidance and resources to nourish your soul and build your confidence.

Honesty and Accountability (a very loving kick in the ass if needed).

Sisterly Love and Friendship with someone who understands and has been where you are.

1:1 personal coaching and transformation, customized just for YOU!!!

Your very own cheerleader to stand beside you and encourage, inspire and empower you on your journey

Are you READY to stop playing small?

Are you READY to Kick your FEAR to the Curb?

Are you READY to confidently and without apology, stand in your power and embrace your Greatness?

How would it Feel?

To share your message with total confidence?

To fully understand and embrace the value and worthiness you bring to the world?

To take your limiting beliefs and and kick'em to the curb.

To let go of the guilt and forgive yourself fully for mistakes you've made in the past?

To finally let go of the fear that holds you back from living the life you have always dreamed of living?


Shannon has this incredible energy of love, and she is dedicated to helping women become their best possible selves. Her guidance, encouragement and support have helped me work through my depression, heal my past, and envision an amazing future. I can’t wait to get up each day and see what is going to happen next. I am enthusiastic about my own personal growth, and have renewed a few healing practices I had let slip by for so many years. I can’t imagine my life without my Power Hour - Self Care and Nourishment, tapping into my female Goddess Energy, developing a deeper connection to my Spirituality, my Higher Self, and my Inner Child - feeling joy and a deep love for others and this amazing world we live in, in all its incredible dimensions.

I am not finished with me yet. I know I have a long way to go before I am actually where I want to be. But in the end, I also know that even as a counsellor myself, I need the guidance and accountability with another empowering woman. I am forever grateful to Shannon for her gentle guidance and all the gifts she keeps on giving me. Her Goddess Being sparkles with beautiful light, energy and conviction. I can never thank her enough for allowing me to see the strength and beauty within myself, and the knowing that there is a brighter future for me. The best is yet to come!

-Wendy C

Edmonton, AB.

If you are truly READY to Embrace a new and more confident YOU, then I am READY to fully support you in Radical Transformation!

Reach Out and Let's have a heart to heart about I can support you in becoming the BADASS Rebel Entrepreneur you know you truly are

"I have often been told that If you hang around me for too long, I will make you believe that you can do anything"


Have questions? Reach out to me via email

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