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Sacred Story for Business 4 week Mastermind

For Rebel Entrepreneurs ready to take their Business to the Next Level

with the power of Sacred Story.

Calling All Writers, Healers, Artists, Creatives, Change Makers and

Sacred Soulful Entrepreneurs

There has never been a better time on this planet to give yourself FULL Permission to take up BIG space, grow your business, share your story, make more money and show up fully embodied in your authentic truth & power.

People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic
-Seth Godin

What do Stories have to do with Business?

Stories create connection and evoke emotion. They live subconsciously and consciously within us. They allow us to paint pictures in the minds of our audience, to share experiences and dreams and knowledge.


Story is an operating system, it encompasses our beliefs and values and what we believe is possible. It is a living breathing tool of sacred ancient wisdom that is digestible. It connects us to our ancestors and to those who need to hear it most. Your potential customers!

Sharing your true authentic self attracts the customers you want to have in your business. Sharing your stories allows you to connect with your audience in a meaning and powerful way. Stories are a place where we can alchemize our hard to tell experiences into medicine for others while healing ourselves. It allows us to connect with our audience in an intimate and connected collaboration, inviting both parties into a deeper conversation.

Go back to the beginning, Start with your Story. 

This is what I tell my clients when they come to me and say I'm struggling to grow my audience, I don't know what to post on social media. How can I stand out in a world that is flooded with others that are doing the same thing. 


Your story and the unique way that you share it, is what attracts your clients to you.  Your unique voice and authenticity and the way your energy speaks to theirs. 

I know its scary to share our stories, especially the ones we are not proud of, but when you have the courage to remind others they are not alone in their struggles, that you are human and also make mistakes and learn from them, You give them permission to also rise above their old stories, you become a leader that people want to follow. And that is where the magic happens!


Storytelling is not just about conveying the facts about your life. You want to provide meaning, insight, joy, and guidance, sprinkle it with humor and play, stir in some context and history, and throw in a dash of truth that not everyone is willing to speak out loud. And you want to share this like bread crumbs on the path for those who are following behind you so they may find a clear and direct route through the travails of life that you have already navigated. -Leah Lamb

Are You Ready:

To create more impact, and make more money by learning to write for your business, by sharing more of who you are, and creating connection. 

To communicate with your aligned audience for increased money flow.

To share your story or your message with calm confidence and conviction.

To watch and embrace your community as they gather for you.

To know and understand the value of your gifts and be unafraid to share them.

To learn how to create endless content for your blogs, books, and marketing.

To learn how to use social media without feeling like your running on a hamster wheel.

To create quality copy for your business to expand your reach.

To shift out of fear, guilt, and shame and truly embrace your story and share it confidently.

To learn sacred selling techniques that allow you to sell your products and services without feeling sleazy and invasive. 

To create stories that resonate with those who need you most.

To give yourself full permission to grow, lead, and prosper.

To see new aligned clients, money, and opportunities flow to you with ease.

“Tell your story. Shout it. Write it. Whisper it if you have to. But tell it. Some won't understand it. Some will outright reject it. But many will thank you for it. And then the most magical thing will happen. One by one, voices will start whispering. And your tribe will gather. And you will never feel alone again.”

-L.R. Knost

Your Investment in You

Are you ready to to share your gifts with ease and grace, grow your following with ride or die soulmate clients and step fully into the co-creation cauldron of magic and storytelling

Your Payment Options



3 Payments of $222USD

This is a very powerful and sacred journey

Your story is a gift to the world and I do not take this lightly and I hope that you don't either. If you are READY, than I am here to support you and guide you in a safe and sacred container of  love, embodiment and transformation. 



Imagine feeling the ease of sharing your work and yourself with clients that are just waiting to finally connect with you and your offers.

Imagine creating endless content that connects to your audience (Yeah!!!! More sales for you). 

Imagine having your business and money work for you as the storyteller (aka marketing and sales expert), in a way that feels inspired, aligned and naturally connecting to your audience of buyers.

Imagine giving yourself FULL Permission to show up unapologetically sharing your knowledge and experience through stories that connect, growing your business to new levels that you know deep down you want to. 


Shannon Kelly is a Rebel Entrepreneur and Exit Strategist for Creatives, Visionaries and Spiritual Entrepreneurs ready to get off the hustle rollercoaster and build a 6 figure business using simple and soulful strategies

​With a healthy balance of compassion and truth bombing, Shannon guides her clients on an empowering journey to truth and authenticity, turning their passions into sustainable business models that cultivate Joy, Freedom and Time.

About Shannon:

Week 1 Connecting to Your Story

  • This is not your typical Hero's Journey Story, this is YOUR Sacred Story!

  • What makes a Story Sacred and how to connect with your own unique living breathing narrative. 

  • Why you should share your story and how to do it in a way that connects with your audience

  • Who is your audience and what is the transformation you wish to help them reach

  • Putting pen to paper daily 

Week 2 Craft and Cultivate

  • What do your potential clients need to hear and how can you make that relatable through your story.

  • The co-creation process. Creating space within your stories thats allows your potential clients to connect and engage

  • Creating Content that bridges your personal brand with your clients on an emotional level

Week 3 Confidence and Visibility

  • Allowing your Authentic and Unapologetic self to emerge and share 

  • Let go of your perfection persona and share with ease and grace

  • Consistency is key to engagement

  • Letting go of judgement and embracing the I don't give a 

  • Building community and nurturing relationships 

Week 4 Refining Your Message 

  • Invite your clients on the journey of becoming

  • Defining your Storytelling Style 

  • Start at the end

  • Become an Idea Generator

  • Rinse, Reuse and Refurbish your content 

It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Shannon. It wasn’t only in the the value of her words but it was in the way that she was able to hold space for me during that time. I felt appreciated, seen and supported. There’s so many barriers on the journey as a female entrepreneur and having the support of another woman who has been there is immeasurable. Her tools and coaching techniques are liquid gold and I lapped it all up!!! If you're looking for real, no bullshit added I can’t recommend Shannon enough. Receiving guidance from someone who is raw and real and who actually gets it is so incredibly refreshing!!!!  -Rosemary L.      Debden Saskatchewan Canada

It's time to become more visible with your voice, your beauty, and your power.
It's time to step into the light and share your 
unique gifts.
It's time to share your Sacred Story.
It's time to build your community......

You are unique in every sense of the word and

I want to support you in cultivating your truth,
finding your confidence and giving a unique voice to your business.


Have questions??? I'd be happy to answer them. Reach out and let's chat about it.

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