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It's time Soul Sister......

To release the energetic gunk and grime that has been holding you back from living in your divine feminine power. 

The Akasha is a remarkable pure energetic source of love, wisdom and healing that is considered one of the planets deepest healing tools.

The Akasha has existed before any of this physical world did, and holds 5th dimensional wisdom, love and healing related to all aspects of our being specifically rooted at soul level. The Akasha while it is a beautiful source of the highest vibration of love, also holds the blueprint for our true divine nature as well as memories of all the choice points that the soul has made along it's soul path. Both positive and negative. 

Positive choices align with with our true divine nature and the expression of the empowered women we are being called to be. Negative are the choices we have made that do not. 


Because negative choices often affect us first at the soul level, and then over time at the emotional, mental, and physical level , this can create stagnation that sits in our energy body fields leading to pain and discomfort in the body as well as building blocks that create patterns that keep us feeling stuck along our soul path. 

Working with Akashic Records and within the energy of the Akasha often activates a new journey of self awareness, empowerment, and awakening as we learn to navigate our lives from a deeper soul level perspective. As the wisdom, intelligence and healing of this pure source of energy lifts old energetic stagnation while also given the opportunity to clear past negative karmic choices, pain right down to the cellular level is released. We also tend to experience an upgrade of energy in our reality that supports the grounding of more of the woman we feel called to be in this lifetime.


When we have blocks, stagnation or energetic residue it creates a disconnect, from the original blueprint of our spiritual power and true divine nature. Clearing work opens up clarity and vital life force energy where blocks were. It also opens new pathways for choice points that support our empowerment and desires as modern women feeling the call to walk our sacred in the world. It also reconnects us back into or “reminds” us once again of who we are as powerful spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Akasha offers both the connection to our deeper compass, and the clearing work to support our radiant rise as sacred women specially at this time on the planet. This is where the Akasha/And the Akashic Records, provides an energetic soul-level framework of sorts that allows us to come back into alignment and greater expression of our true divine nature, and unique authentic expression.


The Akasha has been a catalyst in my own healing process and it is my divine pleasure to offer Akashic activation and Visioning sessions for my clients who wish to really dive in and embrace more of their divine feminine essence and a greater expression of their true and authentic selves. 

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