Wild Heart Mapping

If you could draw a map to your wild heart, what would it look like?

What would the paths be named?

Where would each of these signs appear?

What events would be marked by crossroads?

Which journeys would lead you through the roughest terrain.

How would you make the mark that means you’ve finally found your way home? 


To live in these times and work towards positive change is nothing less than heroic.

To be heroic; one must have courage.
And remember the root of meaning in the word courage means to have “heart”

To have heart is to be in one’s heart; to live from the heart. This is the essence of being a hero. And this is the kind of hero we all need to be in these times.

Being courageous means we've faced the demons within ourselves, we've delved into the deepest corners of our souls and survived, shedding light on our fears and tattered truths. 

We have become warriors in our own right.

We've let go of the untruths and unraveled our old stories. 

We understand our values and have embraced our feminine essence.

We have found our true untethered voice.

And we have become to love ourselves in this new untamed territory of wild. 


Join me for an intuitively guided workshop to connect you with your


It is a wild and mysterious place. It holds every emotion you have ever felt and keeps all of the secrets your soul has kept hidden from the rest of the world.

Your life's journey is contained within the walls of your bodies sacred home, your heart.  

Experience an Akashic guided journey to connect you with the power of your lineage, while releasing what no longer serves the evolution of the lineage and your own journey. In this intensive workshop you will be guided with a series of journal prompts and Art activities to activate your feminine essence while you explore the different archetypes in your life's journey, the Inner child, the maiden, mother, enchantress and Yes even the Crowned One that lives within us, while creating a map connecting you with your WILD HEART!

She is a wild, tangled forest with temples and treasures concealed within

-John Mark Green

How it works:

For Four Moon Phases (once per week for four weeks) we will gather as sisters for a 90 minute Akashic group session in the Vintage Gypsy Virtual Conference room on Zoom (so you can participate from anywhere you wish). 

We will begin with a guided meditation to connect us to our feminine essence and the divine within. 

We will investigate and experience ourselves as a new archetype each week and see how that time in our life unfolded, the lessons we learned and the joys we encountered on that portion of our journey. 

We will then dive into some journaling prompts to guide you to celebrate the victories and let go of that which no longer serves you and you may have been holding onto at soul level. 

We will do some clearing of old stories and blocks and limitations that may be holding you back in your present lifetime. Releasing energetic garbage. 

We will then begin to intuitively create and write and draw a map of our heart , completing one of four sections each week until it is completed at week 4. At the end of four weeks you will have a masterpiece to hang or frame or just keep as a constant reminder of the divine goddess that you are. 

Each week there will be some homework given for you to complete before the next weeks gathering. Allowing you to keep the healing energy thriving through the week ahead. 

I had so much fun with Shannon’s Wild Heart Mapping. It adds the touch of creativity to a self awareness experience. Wise advisers tell us we need to effectively deal with our past issues in order to move forward in a healthy way. Wild Heart Mapping helps with this process in a unique and very enjoyable fashion.


Prince Albert, SK.

How We Will Get There

Inner Child.png


Women often find that they are pushing, struggling or lacking self love and a lot of these issues stem from inner child wounding. There is something very powerful that happens when we begin to acknowledge this. Relationship to self, inner dialogue, sense of worth, and feelings around security and safety all stem from inner child experiences much of the time.

Let's dive in and embrace our Inner Child. Let's take a deep down look at the struggles she has faced and overcome. We begin to evolve and learn and grow from the moment we fill our lungs with that first breath. Our outer world mirrored back to us as we learn to navigate outside of the womb space. We were WILD then with no conceptions except those we have learned from those closest to us. 



The world is full of possibility and unknowns but we are unafraid to face our challenges and embrace our freedom in the Maiden stage of life. We are young and beautiful and full of ideas of what we wish our life to look like. Some of us move slowly and carefully into the wide open world and some of us make a mad dash to reclaim our freedom and the WILD that resides inside stepping over ourselves to get there. 

Sometimes the lessons we learn in this stage are the hardest to maneuver and take the longest to let go. We long to find to ourselves and where we belong. We crave acceptance and Love and usually seek outside of ourselves to find it only to be disappointed with where we've landed. We find ourselves accumulating Guilt and Shame for mistakes we've made along the journey, paving the perfect road for Fear to join us on our way forward.



There is often a lot tied into our relationships with our Mothers, and our daughters. Women have felt confined in many roles throughout our history in most parts of the world, that feeling free, and fully empowered to live their deepest desires is really a new concept.

Each generation seems to expand into a new level of awareness and freedom, only to be met by the resistance and pain of the Mother before her that didn’t not feel supported in that same experience of freedom and empowerment. 

Let us Embrace the beauty of being a mother and a daughter and a woman in these changing times. Let us celebrate the journey of all women that have paved the way for us to be here. Let's forgive the pain our mothers and grandmothers have handed down to us that we might all be set free. 

crowned one.png


She lives within us all..... The crowned Queen of wisdom and knowledge. All of our lessons and adventures and the wisdom of the paths we have followed. She beckons us from within to release our fear and judgement of ourselves. She screams from our sacral chakra to lose the Bra and strip ourselves of the preconceived notions we have learned. She lives within us to let us know it's Ok to shine bright and brilliant. It's Ok to let it all go and live WILD and Free. 

Come celebrate the wisdom within and know that our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers are cheering us on as we embrace the kind wisdom of our lineage. 


I enjoyed working with Shannon and meeting some new like minded people. Shannon was a bubbly happy person and very easy to work with and love.

I enjoyed the class and was sorry when it ended.

In Loving Kindness

-Gale Stonehouse

Cutknife, SK.

Look a little closer in those delicate eyes, her heart's a wild creature and her soul is on fire


This workshop is for you if:

-you are ready to dive in and celebrate how far you've come

-you would like to experience the Akashic records and allow yourself to feel fully supported and held as we venture into the unknown tangles of your heart.

-you are ready to examine and forgive yourself for past mistakes

-you are ready to learn about and experience yourself in each of the initiation 

phases of your life. (even if you haven't lived them yet) 

-you are ready to explore and appreciate the archetypes of a woman's heart and her divine essence as your own. 

-you are ready to release some energetic garbage that has been holding you back 

-you are ready to write, draw, and create from the heart

Your Guide:

Shannon Kelly is a highly intuitive advanced akashic records practitioner and storyteller. She is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. She guides women to ditch their fears, guilt and shame, to share their stories and live life unapologetically inspired by joy and passion.

She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She is a rebel child and a gypsy spirit. She believes in trusting the journey and that our strength as women comes from the bonds of friendship we nurture and the kindred sisterhood we share.

"Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities."


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shannon for such a wonderful and enlightening experience over this 4 week workshop. Each week as she listened and guided us through a stage of our lives, I was able to look at my past, present and future in a new and expressive way.


She has an amazing way of quietly bringing out the best in people and this journey was testament to that for me. Hearing and seeing the other ladies in the group enhanced my experience and I was at times overwhelmed by the love and support that was shown in the actions and comments of what started out as complete strangers. Somehow in coming together as women discovering themselves, they helped to open up some of the areas of my life that I had stuffed down and forgotten about.


I am grateful to Shannon for creating the safe space for us all to share and help each other in our journeys and grateful to my fellow ‘Wild Heart Mappers’ for walking with me through my quest. Through ‘mapping out’ or ‘drawing’ of our lives, I feel that we added a whole new level of discovery over and above what I have experienced in other workshops.....it unveiled another layer of vulnerability that I had never tapped into before. Every workshop of this nature will definitely be determined by your own experience, but I can confirm that through Shannon’s calming, relaxing and supportive guidance that it will be a journey worth taking.


Thank You. Lorna