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Where Fierce Femme Leaders, Courageous Changemakers,

and Sacred Healers Ditch the Rules for 6-Figure Biz R-Evolution

FINALLY! A Trusted Coaching Program for Rebel Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow a Stress-Free, 10K, 20K, 50K/Month, Sacred Online Business that Supports the Freedom Lifestyle You Desire to Live

With 6-Figure, Spiritual Transformation Coach, Shannon Kelly!

Are YOU  Ready for a Fierce Femme 6 Figure BIZ R-EVOLUTION

Ditch the Rules and the Social Conformities that keep you playing small! 

Embrace your Uniqueness and build a Biz that Fills your Soul and Your Bank Account

Create more impact serving from a place of Joy and Confidence

And do it All 

Without Hustling?

If you are a coach, creative, visionary, or a spiritual entrepreneur who is DONE with the hustle and trying to put all of the pieces together. If you are Ready for your next level of FIERCE FEMME LIBERATION.... Then this is for you!


If you feel FIRE in your belly, and PASSION in your heart every time you think about growing your business…


…but, you’ve been feeling stuck lately and you're beginning to lose sight of why you launched your business in the first place.


You’re ready to feel truly supported and alive in your soul's work. And, you’re ready to catapult your business to an entirely new level.


…This is DEFINITELY for you


There has never been a better time on this planet to give yourself FULL Permission to take up BIG space, grow your business, share your story, and show up fully embodied in your power and confidence.


Let’s face it… there are a lot of marketers and gurus out there who create unwritten rules about what entrepreneurs should do to succeed. Rules like how you must hustle to have the privilege of living the life you desire to live. 


And, if you’re not pulling 90-hour weeks in your business, working yourself to the bone, and sacrificing your family, your happiness, and your health, to make 6-figures (or more)... 


…you’re just not ready to be an entrepreneur. You should just quit and get a job, they say.


It’s time to cancel the hustle culture!

In Fact.... I'm throwing it out the window!!!!


The bottom line is, not enough people are teaching how to grow a sustainable and flourishing 6-figure business by keeping it simple & soulful.


A business that attracts your ideal clients without climbing aboard the hamster wheel and adapting the go go go mentality so apparent in our society.


The truth is… you don’t have to do daily livestreams, post 4 times a day on Facebook, IG, Tic Tok, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and show up on Club House daily. 


You don’t have to pay for Facebook ads, Google ads and buy a custom- built website with SEO and have everything perfect to own a successful business. 


This is not a requirement to make $10,000 months (or higher)! It didn't for me and many other entrepreneurs who are rocking it!


If you’re ready to level up your business to something that is not only profitable but a business that will allow you to travel, spend more time with your family, and do things you love….


My Coaching Program is for you!

This is the highest level of coaching available from me that creates 6 figure (or higher) income earners in less than 3 months!


It's time to start living from Joy and passion and grow your sustainable business that can be run from anywhere in the world!


When I began my journey as an entrepreneur, I honestly had no clue what I was doing!!! I was all over cyberspace studying and researching what others were doing. And, listening to people who had the hustle mentality. It was overwhelming and exhausting, to say the least.


It wasn't until I invested in a mentor, and she invested in me and through my own journey, this is what I have learned. All I have to do is show up as myself, my truest version of me. Show up, share my story, and those who need to hear it will gather. And, that's what happened.


I'm not saying that you shouldn't know how all of these different processes can help you leverage your business, because it is important to understand how these processes work. What I am saying is that tapping into your own unique energetic blueprint and taking these processes and making them work for you in a way that feeds your passion and your soul. 


Back to what makes sense, YOU!

Go back to your personal story and start there. Embrace your authenticity, be the truest version of YOU.  Create and step into your unique vision of what you want your life and business to look like. 

That's when the magic happens and you will see your business grow,

evolve and flourish from a place of ease and flow. 

You are unique in every sense of the word and I want to support you in cultivating your truth, finding your confidence, and giving a unique voice to your business…


…and at the same time sharing with you all I've learned about growing 

a sustainable and flourishing 6-figure business. 

If I can do it, so can you and I will be with you every step of the way to ensure you see the success you deserve.


In my coaching program, I’m sharing full details on how I built a sustainable 6-figure online business working 2 hours a day. I’ll be there with you personally, every step of the way to help you succeed.


Shannon Kelly is nothing short of magic. Working with her has gotten me off my butt and doing what I was put here to do. My business is doing well and I am reaching and helping more women than ever.

She not only cares about you and your goals, but she is never too busy for those little questions that we all think are silly just before we ask them. In my time spent with her I have not only gained more confidence in how I run my business, but WHY I chose this business in the first place. My clientele has tripled and I am now coaching full time.

To say this woman has been a mentor to me is a drastic understatement. She has believed in me when I wasn’t sure I believed in myself. She hasn’t pushed me to do the things that may be out of my comfort zone, but definitely given me a gentle nudge when I needed it.

I cannot recommend working with Shannon enough. Whether it is full on business mentoring or a little extra help with some confidence and empowerment. She truly does it all.

Shannon thank you for believing in me, it has changed my whole view on business and on life.

-Amanda Aussant  Tattoos-and-Tarots      

Imagine showing up as the sacred entrepreneur you are, growing your business past any previous self-imposed limitations you have had before.

Imagine moving through the fear and taking the steps you know you need to take to grow your business, with a mentor and friend that has been where you are.

Imagine feeling the ease of sharing your work and yourself with clients that are just waiting to finally connect with you and your offers.

Imagine creating endless content that connects to your audience (Yeah!!!! More sales for you). 

Imagine having your business and money work for you in a way that feels inspired, aligned and naturally connecting you to your audience of buyers.

Imagine giving yourself FULL Permission to show up unapologetically growing your business to new levels that you know deep down you want to. 

Imagine NOT waiting another Year to take the leap you know you need to, to grow your business into the successful vision that you know is possible (despite what others may say or think). 

I am living more in line with the life I want to live.  I’ve talked about owning my own business and living out my dreams on the land for years.  Shannon gave me the push I needed to make it happen. 


Shannon and the people I took the course with were my biggest cheerleaders.  When I had an idea, you guys were the ones to have my back and tell me to go for it.  When I would have otherwise shrank back into my shell and stayed where I was you kept me accountable and didn’t let me step back into that safe shell I had created for myself.      

If you need support to create the life you want, Shannon is a great cheerleader and guide to make that happen.  -Keri Sapsford

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Lifetime Access to all digital materials and 1 Full Year of Business Rebel Strategy and Akashic Mindset Group Healing Sessions

✔ ️ Instant Lifetime Access to the Rebel VIP Membership Portal with over 30 Training Videos so you can get started right away

 A 90 minute strategy call to kick start your journey and create a step by step plan (Value $597)


✔ ️ 6X Group Strategy Sessions every Month. Let's discuss what's working and what's not, and plan for the following week, share ideas and be inspired to keep moving forward with ease and grace. (Value $28,656)


2X Group AKASHIC Mindset Mastery Sessions monthly, moving you quickly past blocks, and self-sabotaging patterns when it comes to stepping out in bigger ways to take your business to the next level. (Value $14,328)

✔ 1:1 Personal Soul-based Laser Business Coaching Sessions as needed to keep you moving forward with ease and grace. Never feel stuck again. (Value $24,000)

Unlimited email and messenger support. (Value $5000) I want you to succeed! 


Access to the Rebel Entrepreneur Mastermind Private VIP group. 


Here you are free to be seen and heard in a private and loving container. Ask questions, get positive feedback. Share your insights and gain confidence in sharing within a small intimate group of entrepreneurs just like you. (Value Love and support is priceless) I will be present here for added guidance, support, and inspiration.


✔ ️ All Course Materials are yours for life, come back again and again for inspiration and guidance 

✔ ️ I will be with you every step of the way offering added inspiration and challenges to keep you moving toward your vision. 

ROI Investment Guarantee. I guarantee that if you show up, do the work, and ask questions, you will make your investment back or I will work with you until you do!!!! (Value: Fuckin' Priceless)



The Rebel Entrepreneurs Tool Kit

Everything you need to take your life and business from surviving to thriving! It includes all of the tools I use daily. Save tons of time and anxiety trying to write copy and focus on what's important... Making Connections and sharing your unique gifts. (value: $2997.00)

✔ ️ My daily journaling practice to keep you grounded in your vision, your energy volume on high, and moving forward with ease and grace.


✔ ️ My daily meditation practice to call in your abundance and stay grounded in your truth and desires.


️ The launch sequence email templates that I use to take the guessing out of the creation process and have your clients begging to work with you.


Landing page basics template that you can use to create beautiful sales pages while adding your own personal flare and uniqueness.


✔ ️ Social Media  Planner. Show up consistently and growing a vibrant community is easier when we are not always wondering what to post.


✔ ️ Rebel guide on how to grow your following organically without paying for ads


Shannon Brand-3374.jpg




Home study Program (Value: $597.00)

Release your current beliefs about money and embrace new and empowering beliefs and practices that guide you to receive, nurture and accept more abundance into your life



Home study program (Value: $597)


OWN your greatness and release your FEAR! True Confidence in one's self comes from the ability to recognize and celebrate your inner strengths, and your uniqueness. It requires that you are grounded in your truth and authenticity. 


It requires that you FINALLY let go of the preconceived notions of who you think you are supposed to be and STEP IN to your true divine nature. 



Home study program (Value: $597)


Sharing your true authentic self attracts the customers you want to have in your business. Sharing your stories allows you to connect with your audience in a meaning and powerful way. Stories are a place where we can alchemize our hard to tell experiences into medicine for others while healing ourselves. It allows us to connect with our audience in an intimate and connected collaboration, inviting both parties into a deeper conversation.


Shannon Brand-3371.jpg


My name is Shannon Kelly and I guide REBEL women just like you to ditch their FEARS, become Fierce Femme Trailblazers,  build 6- Figure Business Structures that cultivate Confidence and Passion! And do it all UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

I have totally been where you are. I was working a life sucking job, going nowhere, destined to spend another 20 years in my cubicle hustling my passion in between shifts.


Until one day, I jumped off of the cliff and dove into my passion project full speed ahead. I gave myself permission to live life the way I wanted to live it.


It hasn't been an easy journey.  I have learned a lot along the way. I have made many many mistakes, some costing me more than I made in a month at my previous job....uuughhhh. I have come a long way since then and have grown a beautiful, vibrant community of sacred, soulful women who support and promote each other.


I am proud of my work.  I am peaceful, free, and living my life unapologetically inspired and I want to help you do the same. 

Freedom lives on the Other side of Fear!!

It's Time to Live Your Best Life!


I reached out to Shannon after receiving her emails and following her for a long time on social media. I really wanted to grow my business but wasn’t sure what steps to take. There’s so much info available and it’s so overwhelming. Shannon made it easy by guiding me at my own pace and doing exactly what I needed for how I wanted my business to look and when I was resisting she would give me a gentle little kick. The support and encouragement is just what I needed in easy steps that I can follow. I launched an online program, got my website almost complete, and finally have an email list as well as so many other things that I’ve been trying to do for a long time. Shannon is a great cheerleader and an awesome coach. She does it all from a place of love. I can’t recommend her enough. Definitely one of my best business decisions was choosing to work with her. -Carmen Dore


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will it work for me?

It will!! If you have the desire to create change in your life and your business then it absolutely will work for you. Everything you desire Is already yours and all you have to do is move through your own fears to make it happen. And having support to do that is priceless!! 

What if it doesn't work for me?

It definitely will! If I can do it so can you, and I'll be with you every step of the way!! And I offer a ROI Guarantee so I'm pretty confident that if you show up and do the work.. It will work for you!

But What if it Doesn't work for me? 

Well you are never gonna know if you don't jump in and give it a try! It's definitely not going to work if you do nothing! 


How much time do I have to invest?

I'm not gonna lie, this is an intense 3 months of learning and action taking. It takes consistency and commitment. I'll give you the simple and soulful strategy that I use in my business and everything I have learned along the way. I'll share my experiences, my wisdom, my medicine and my magic! I'll share it all with you. The rest is up to you! 

Why Should I Choose you as my coach? 

I see you Rebel, doing all of the things and just not seeing the success, abundance and the flow you desire.  Here's the thing, You are not meant to do it alone, if you were, you already would have. 

Absolutely you can put the pieces together on your own, it just takes way to long and causes way to much anxiety and overwhelm. Why not just give yourself permission to grow and evolve with someone who has already been there. 

I'm not just a Business Coach, but a Transformational Mindset Mentor. I can give you strategy all day long on marketing and sales, but I can also guide you to heal through your fears, your limiting beliefs, your energy blocks and together we will co-create a flow of infinite abundance and build a personal brand that speaks to your unique energy blueprint and illuminates your greatness. Watch yourself emerge as the Fierce Femme Leader, I already know you are!

Fall in Love with your Business, and your life! Experience the Passion Orgasm like never before and every damn day! It's time to Rise Queen!

Have more questions??? I'd be happy to answer them. Reach out and let's chat about it.



I would love to hear about where you are on your Rebel Entrepreneur journey. 

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