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"Tell your story. Shout it. Write it. 

Whisper it if you have to. But tell it. 

Some won't understand it. Some will right out reject it. 

But many will Thank you for it.

And then the most magical thing will happen. 

One by one...Your tribe will gather

And you will never feel alone again."

                                            -L.R. Knost

Do you feel the story lurking in the depths of your soul? It's there, you can feel it, settled just below the surface like an aching in your bones. It yearns to be set free, it's ready to be born. It's ready to be seen, heard, and felt. 

We all have a story and each one is as unique and beautiful as the woman who owns it. We have been taught through many years of conditioning that we are not worthy, that we are not good enough. That our stories don't matter.


It's time to change these thought patterns.  It's time Break free from the misguided perceptions that society has placed on us. Remove your chains and set yourself free. Shake the dust from your soul, and embrace your courage. You are a Warrior, a Goddess,  A Mother and a Healer. You are a Woman and you have a story to tell. 

Writing your story is a step into reclaiming your feminine power. Your Inner Warrior. It is your sacred right to be seen and heard. Your story becomes your road map to guide you in your healing.


But where do we begin.

First we must Undo, Unravel, Unlearn and Unbecome. We must remember who we were before the world got its hands on us. We must create sacred space and time for our healing. We must dig deep to find our true and authentic voice. We must remove the dust and clear away the cobwebs. We must remind ourselves daily that we are children of the universe and our stories are important.

We must pick up pen and paper and honor our own sacred journey. 

We must write to find our way home......

I have rebelled against society, 
I have crashed through waves of pain and grief. 
I have soared through sun filled summer winds 
and drown in the seas of my own self hatred.  
I have loved and lost many times over. 

I  stand before you now peaceful and authentically free. 
I have surfaced through my chaos to find true self.  
My scars a testament to where I have been.  A trophy of survival. 

How did I get here you ask?
I wrote, and I wrote,

and I wrote, until my soul let go
the secrets it had been hiding

Pen to paper, a road map emerged
A healing journey
to sacred self
I wrote myself home............................


                                                            -Shannon Kelly


 I invite you my sweet gypsy sister on this journey of writing,

self-discovery, healing, and redemption

We all have a story to tell. A story that lingers in the depth of our souls. Are you ready to find your unique story?

Only you can choose the words. You are brave and courageous. 

Your story is as beautiful as the words that will tell it, the heart that keeps it hidden, and the eyes it hides behind. 

During this six week journey, you will put pen to paper to find your authentic voice. You will dig deep to find the magic that resides within you. You will create space and reconnect with the beauty that is You. You will push boundaries and unbind your wild. You will embrace your inner warrior. You will find your ROAD MAP to peace.  


This is a self guided 6 week journey into self

Over the course of six weeks you will receive daily (except Sunday) journaling prompts and inspiration via email. Each prompt is designed to keep you moving forward in your writing and unravelling process while keeping with a weekly theme. (Value $2997)

You will receive the "WRITE YOUR WAY HOME" workbook/journal in PDF format. It can be easily printed to use as your daily writing guide. 

I am available to you via email and messenger any time for extra support, if you have questions, comments, or concerns. 

Total Value of this life changing journey $3146.00

Write Your Way Home

Week Four: The Crossroads

Week One: Let the Journey Begin

  • Creating sacred time and space for our writing practise

  • how to begin putting pen to paper

  • being consistent matters (it takes 21 days to create habit)

  • gratitude is the key to transformation

  • Past VS present and how not to get trapped in time

  • Honoring what is gone and creating space for new

  • The lessons we learn 

  • Moving and dreaming forward

Week Two: What's Holding You Back

Week Five: Let Your Soul Speak

  • Why is that comfort zone so damn comfortable

  • Where is the magic and how to find it.

  • Clearing away the dust and cobwebs

  • The paper is a good listener

  • The quieter you become the more you can hear 

  • Listen with your body, and your heart

  • Breathe light into dark corners

  • It's Ok to not know the way

Week Three: Trust The Journey

Week Six: Unleash the Warrior Within

  • What do your values have to do with your writing practice

  • Using the emotional rollercoaster as a writing tool

  • Self reflection and connecting within

  • The Muse is you and how to get her to show up

  • Your wild is calling how will you respond

  • You are magical and unique, You are a warrior

  • Embrace your courage, pick up your sword (Pen)

  • Be seen and Heard and shine your light.

About Shannon

Shannon Kelly is the creator and editor of the Vintage Gypsy Magazine. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She is a rebel child and a gypsy spirit. She believes in trusting the journey and that our strength as women comes from the bonds of friendship we nurture and the kindred sisterhood we share.

Sharing our stories empowers us all to live a more inspired life, and by doing so, we create positive change within our communities.

We can change the world, One story at a time.


Life is an ever evolving  story, it ebbs and flows with the tides. Good times......Bad times... and sometimes we just feel like we are drowning. Sometimes we cry, sometimes we dance but each moment is meant to be savored and even the darkness can be celebrated for with it always comes a little light or at least a lesson.


I had always kept a journal as a child, it was filled with stories of grand adventures and handsome princes. Like every other little girl, I dreamed of how perfect my life was going to be. But that's not exactly how things turned out. I have spent most of my time in this life wandering aimlessly trying to fit in somewhere or with someone, a gypsy one might say. A rebel child with a wild spirit. Failed relationships, lack of true connection, addiction, childhood trauma, and the grand adventure that has been my own children. I have learned through writing that I can let the past go and embrace the days to come. I can move through and heal the parts of my heart that I've always felt were broken and tarnished. I have found my true voice and find strength in sharing it with the world. I have found healing in my pen....


My story is not that different from many others, but perhaps my ending will be....


We all have a story to tell. Our past makes us who we are today, and by sharing our stories we have an amazing opportunity to inspire others.

Challenges make us grow stronger and there is magic that resides outside of our comfort zone. We must understand our own value and recognize ourselves as worthy to fully own our experiences, and live with authenticity.  

Every woman has a story, whether you are an entrepreneur, a mother, a sister, a healer, or a professional, you have beauty, power and truth inside of you that can illuminate the world. Every woman’s story has meaning, and wisdom. Every woman's gifts a blessing. Every woman’s unique perspective a contribution to the world that we can all learn, grow and heal from.⠀⠀


The world needs your story........⠀


-Brene Brown

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You hear the story in your soul aching to find light

  • You are ready to adventure into a healing journey with self

  • You've always wanted to write but didn't know where to start

  • you are ready to unravel and unbecome societies preconceived ideas of who you are and embrace who you desire to become.

  • You are ready to let grit and grace surface and be seen

  • You are ready to clear the cobwebs and shine up your tarnished heart

  • You are ready to find a true and authentic voice that is your own

  • You are ready to be seen and heard in a safe and sacred circle of women

  • You are ready to step into the Magic that resides outside of your comfort zone

  • You desire to be surrounded by women who wish to support you on your journey

  • You are ready to pick up and Pen and Paper and find the story within

Are you Ready to step into a Portal of  Change?


Are you Ready to Journey within and Find Your Voice?


Are you Ready to Write Yourself Home?

Are you Ready my Gypsy Sister....?

After your Six Week Journey 
  • You will have developed a deeper connection with your true self.

  • You will have conquered your "I'm not a writer" fears and embraced the knowledge that your story is important and needs to be shared. 

  • You will have a consistent and concrete writing practise to guide you daily.

  • You will have found your true and authentic voice and developed a confidence to be seen and heard amongst your kindred sisters.

  • You will have created sacred space within your soul, to nourish and grow through your writing practise.

  • You will have secured your spot in our safe and sacred writers group that you can come back to again and again to share and receive love and support even after the program is over.

  • You will have found your tribe...

  • You will have found your way home....

Are you ready to honor and make a commitment to self?

If you have any questions please reach out to:

What others have said about this Incredible journey

Gloria Smith

Ecstatic Dance Instructor

I have been on my spiritual journey since 2015. Since then, I have been exploring and taking part in different healing modalities. The latest modality that I've been exploring is journaling.  A few weeks before we became quarantined, I signed up for Shannon's Write your way home workshop, and I was so thankful that I did!  The timing was synchronistic; every morning, I woke up, got my coffee, and was excited to open up my journal prompt. Some of the prompts pierced my heart and got to the root of some of my life challenges.  Some of the prompts made me smile, helped me heal, and sometimes as I'd write, the tears would flow as healing through writing was taking place.  I was longing for more when the journal workshop ended, but it was amazing because a channel opened up for me, and I was able to begin to express my challenges through writing.

I look forward to taking part in more of Shannon's writing and journaling workshops. And, I highly recommend her writing workshops to anyone ready to heal from their wounds.


~Gloria Smith


Marcie Klassen

Photographer and Author

Shannon is a beautiful loving soul that crossed my path, in my opinion, not by accident  but at a time in my life when I needed to put my thoughts/life into perspective.


The daily writing prompts had me dig deep down into the soul, turning inward, one of the most scariest things but yet most clarifying internal process,  revealing to me that I have been the only one holding myself back all this time.  


The 6 week writing workshop is intense, does it require work? YES it does! but there is nothing more gratifying than works of the heart.


Heal the soul first, then the mind and body will follow.


Thank you Shannon




I really enjoyed the write your way home writing course. It let me open many doors in my writing and in my personal healing. The daily prompts kept me on track, and held my attention as the class progressed. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to enhance their writing abilities. Thank you so much vintage gypsy for the opportunity.



Energy Design Interiors

I wanted to write – differently, with a guide who could sense something deeper within me and speak to that part of me. Shannon was the perfect pairing to my Ask.
Shannon’s loving nature is so supportive and was very helpful in learning to express myself more. Shannon’s prompts are not surface and she was able to take me into deeper waters of awareness, discovering more about who I am.
Shannon’s door opening skills to the Akashic Records brought to light some key aspects to see, embrace and transform helping me along my journey.
If doing any of these things pulls at you, don’t hesitate, for Shannon holds some keys you will want to use to open doors you may have had closed for a very long time.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guiding light.



School Teacher

have just completed the inaugural Gypsy Writer’s Course “Writing Your Way Home” and I can’t say enough about how the course has changed my life.  I often said “someday I will write something that others will want to read” but I never actually put pen to paper.  This course and Shannon’s support has been the much needed catalyst for me to develop a daily writing practice that is bringing me healing, an awareness of my creativity and a new level of confidence to tackle my dreams. 5 things I am grateful for:

  1. Writing Your Way Home – flexible, organic, individualistic.

  2. Daily writing prompts delivered bright and early every day for the Power Hour.

  3. Daily readings that supported a deeper exploration of my soul, mind and heart.

  4. Six weekly one on one meetings scheduled at my convenience for that extra support and encouragement.

  5. Shannon’s professional insight and wisdom that coaxed my buried creativity to reach for the light.



Traveling Gypsy

Shannon Kelly offers a beautiful journey of self discovery with Gypsy Writers.  I initially felt nervous about taking this course because I did not feel confident in my ability to write creatively.  I am so glad I made the decision to join.  Gypsy Writers helped me to grow both mentally and spiritually, and I discovered I can write! It felt so good to learn the healing process of writing.  Shannon offers enormous support and guidance, both for the group and one on one. She provides a warm and loving environment in which all members feel comfortable and supportive of each other.  Thank you Shannon for creating this opportunity to have such an amazing journey.


Heather Irene

Radiant Living Coach

What I loved the most is that You don’t have to be a great writer to enjoy this process, but I sure started to like the feeling of pen to paper within the first few days and looked forward to each poetically prompt. Learning about different writing styles and methods, weaved beautifully between very thought-provoking questions kept me inspired, interested and requested inner contemplation, realization and growth. Spurring awareness, healing and expression with confidence and joy. Shannon’s ability to provide a sacred container for your exploration, truths and your unique self-expression further deepened my confidence in the process. I felt a powerful shift from playing small and feeling unheard to sincerely appreciating my own voice and my new-found ability to express it, which was a pretty neat outcome, since I thought I was just working on my writing skills! The value of this program far outweighs the investment and is so easy to follow. Shannon provides no fail support and will guide you lovingly and expertly through this incredible program. Feel completely supported and worthy of this Divine opportunity to become aware of your wild and walk away with your roadmap to peace. I felt a huge sense of calm and accomplishment after completion and encourage you all to take a delicate look at what feeds your soul. I can't wait for the next one, Sweet Shannon!





If a writing course could be a dessert this one would be decadent! Write Your Way Home hit me in a spot I didn’t know was there or needed attention, until I heard it’s call as I read about the course. Over 6 weeks it took me deeper into layers of myself that I had not been through before. I have discovered more of myself and I love what I have found! Shannon somehow weaves with words a magical guided journey mixed with open ended exploration that allows you to enter from a place you feel resonates with you.  She so vulnerably shares her own journey in a way that creates a soft and safe landing for others to be seen and heard. She draws out the silenced desire to give our stories a voice to be heard by others and most importantly ourselves, reminding us that we matter - our stories do matter. And to let them be seen. I am looking forward to continuing on with the second part of this journey with her!

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