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So this is "50"

Taking in all of the birthday wishes and love from friends and family, I am feeling super emotional and a little nostalgic this morning. Sipping Fresh Ground Grizzly Claw Coffee, stereo on with the love of my life, I am reminiscing the memories and lessons of the last 50 years. So here is my list; The top 25 things I have learned in my 50 trips around the sun.

In no particular order.

  1. To Love: Friends, Family, Lovers, Puppies, Plants and passer byers. I have found a beautiful Love and respect for all living things. I have learned what it means to love unconditionally and without expectation.

  2. To be Loved: On the other side of giving love, one must also learn how to recieve and be loved. I have been lucky enough to have found a lover and friend who loves me unconditionally and sees me through my flaws. He inspires me to become a better me, teaching me how to live in each moment, take time to play, and how to accept and be loved.

  3. To Let Go: Holding on to stuff, people, and expectations that no longer serve , inevitably leads to disappointment, stagnation and heartbreak. Letting go creates space and energy for new possibilities, new stuff, and new people. Always move forward.

  4. Grandkids are way more FUN!

  5. Let the Past stay where it is: This was a tough one for me, I learned many lessons more than once. Why do we look backwards in times of chaos and struggle? because that's where our comfort zone is, we look back searching for the answers to todays questions, an understanding of how we got to this place. DON'T LOOK BACK, YOUR NOT GOING THAT WAY! The only thing you will find is more confusion and heartache. One foot in front of the other... This is how we roll.

  6. Each and Every person is on their OWN journey: My kids, my friends, my family, the people you meet on the street, everyone is navigating life from their own experiences and although we may share a path or a parallel portion of the journey for a period of time, we are all going it alone. Have compassion and show kindness to everyone you meet. You have no idea what their journey has looked like or the experiences they have had. And if you are not sharing a vibe... its all good. You be You, Ill be me! Peace!

  7. Money is just energy. It comes and goes and doesn't make the world go round!

  8. Peace comes from within. When you are grounded in your own truth, your life becomes peaceful and more joyful.

  9. Control is an illusion; You cannot control anything except your own responses. (everyone is on their own journey).

  10. Being a deep feeling emotional human is a beautiful gift, do it... allow yourself to FEEL Everything. Its what makes us HUMAN! Just don't wallow in it.

  11. Judgement is a figment of your own imagination: Seriously... Most people are to fricken busy trying to navigate their own shit to be worrying about what your doing... So let it go. If others are taking time to judge you, its a mirrored response of the judgement they are feeling towards themselves for their own mistakes or inadequacies. So FUCKEM' Keep going, do you, and don't worry about it.

  12. Mistakes are just a part of the process, part of the journey as we live and learn our way through. We all make mistakes, we have all made mistakes, the question is did we learn from them.

  13. Each day is a new opportunity to change the narrative. If its been a rough one... Remember you have the power to change your story. A good nights sleep can do wonders for the soul! Start again tomorrow!

  14. You have way more courage than you give yourself credit for. Fear is the resistance that keeps you from moving forward, Do It anyway. SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!

  15. Not all people you meet are meant to stay in your life. Souls come and go, just be grateful for the time you do get to spend, cherish the moments and memories.

  16. Follow your Passions, Never do it for the money. Success comes when you are happy and excited to get up every day to do what you do!

  17. Music is the universal language of the soul, It connects people in ways nothing else can.

  18. Things are just things, they might bring short lived satisfaction, but not true happiness. Let them go!

  19. I learned to finally Love Myself exactly as I am... I am enough. I am pretty enough, strong enough, smart enough and I am not scared to be alone, I just prefer not to be.

  20. Beauty comes from the soul. True beauty is found in the kindness and compassion that we show to others and ourselves.

  21. Smiles are truly contagious... Give that SHIT away every single minute of every day

  22. Give FUCKS.... Yes but do it sparingly and only to those worthy, otherwise keep that shit for the things and people that matter.

  23. Do not take life too seriously, It's meant to be fun. Laugh A Lot... And especially at yourself.

  24. Girlfriends are the most beautiful Gift. Keep them near and dear to your heart.

  25. The more that I think I know.... The more I realize... I know nothing! Keep going and learning and loving and living.

So this is 50 and I am jumping in with both feet...."Balls Deep" as they would say. I am Free! I am healthy! and I am Happy! BRING IT ON!


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