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It was an idea, a thought, a way for me to begin journaling and writing again as I had when I was younger. Something I dearly loved and wanted to do once again.

Vintage Gypsy was to be a blog where I could write and share my thoughts with who ever, if anyone, wanted to indulge, I mean who the Hell was I, that people would want to listen to what I have to say. But I have always known the healing that can happen through writing and at that time in my life, I needed something.

I was living life and working at my gov't job, my kids were growing up and having less and less time to spend with me. I was trying desperately to do all of the things that I thought I was supposed to do to succeed in this life and yet I was empty and unfulfilled. I was sinking farther and farther into a hole of desperation, depression and self hate. I could just never seem to measure up to all of the expectations. I was LOST in a sea of societies stories of what my life should look like.

Since I was young, I dreamed of grand adventures and handsome princes and a life well lived. I knew I WAS BORN FOR MORE! I was born to shine, I was born to be happy, I was born to do more than live in a box created for someone else. I WAS BORN TO BE FREE!

And so the adventure of Vintage Gypsy began. I took one small step to find some joy and healing in my life and the universe responded as if once I had made a decision to choose ME all of the pieces began to line up as if by magic.

When I look back over the last several years, I realize that in those moments of starting, In those moments of deciding to choose a different outcome, in those moments of choosing to step out of the comfort of my normal, I CHANGED MY STORY!

And I believe YOU can to!



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